How To Prevent Procrastination When Writing An Essay?



Procrastination while writing usually takes place when you postpone writing your academic essays, a paper, or even a book unnecessarily. It’s a pretty common problem for so many of us, including other famous writers. Procrastination can cause several issues, like missed opportunities, increased stress, and low-quality work.

Due to the issues procrastination can cause, it’s vital to understand how you can prevent the same – and that is precisely why we are here! Stay tuned to find out more about preventing procrastination while writing an essay.

How To Prevent Procrastination When Writing An Essay?

If you can’t stop procrastinating, then you seek professional help and hire a good essay writing service for your essays – check out here! Meanwhile, if you think you have the will to stop procrastinating, you have come to the right place because we are here to tell you how to prevent procrastination from impacting your essays.

So without wasting any more time, stay tuned to find out more about how to stop procrastinating!

1. Set Concrete Writing Goals:

If you have a habit of procrastinating, generally, then setting goals won’t help you – you will need to set goals that are concrete. For instance, if you set a goal of doing some writing in the upcoming week, it is highly possible that your procrastinating self will interfere with your innocent goal.

But instead of a value goal like doing some writing in the upcoming weeks, how about setting a concrete goal like writing for an hour post dinner every day in the upcoming week so that you can finish outlining your proposal by the end of next week? This goal sounds so much more concrete – doesn’t it?

2. Start With Tiny Steps:

Whenever we embark on a difficult journey, it’s only normal that we consider starting with tiny steps. Think about it – starting small and then growing big is always better. We all have our own pace, and trying to match our pace with others never really helps. So set your concrete goals in accordance with only the little you can handle.

For instance, commit to begin by writing just one sentence or something like writing for about two minutes. Once you have taken these tiny steps, allow yourself to stop – this way, you can reduce the stress associated with simply getting started. Starting small should be looked at positively – after all, you are starting somewhere.

3. Give Yourself The Space To Make Mistakes: 

Of course, you will make mistakes. We all make mistakes – mistakes are a part of the whole writing process. The faster you accept that your work will be everything but perfect, the better for you – this doesn’t mean your work will be of bad quality. You can definitely produce a good essay, but trying to make it ‘perfect’ can only hamper your work.

For instance, if you write an essay, you have to accept that it will not be perfect, especially when it’s in the first draft stage. At this stage, you can just tell yourself that your goal is to obtain a basic understanding and write that down. You do not have to worry about quality – so there’s no point in re-reading your writing.

4. Switch Things Up:

Sometimes, when you feel bored and lazy, you can switch things up and make the writing process much more bearable. If you don’t switch things up and you are running close to deadlines, then you will be in grave danger of not completing your essay. So switching things up is perhaps your best shot when you run short on time.

For instance, if you can’t move past a particular chapter due to your mental barriers, then switch to another chapter, until you can go back to the chapter you were initially stuck on. Similarly, if you lack inspiration, just take a break, and do anything else for some time – read, doodle, exercise, but don’t write.

Preventing Procrastination While Writing Essays: The Solution You Needed!

And that’s exactly how you can prevent procrastination from taking control when writing an essay, especially when the deadline is close. But tell us what your thoughts are on preventing procrastination. And while sharing your thoughts, don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below.

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