Gift customisation: overcoming the standardisation craze


Product standardisation is everywhere now. It refers to products now maintaining uniformity and being identical across different factories and locations. With increased globalisation, people now access to the same products and expect identical standards wherever they are. The knock-on effect is that consumers have a narrower variety of products to choose from, which could see standards slip. Below, we explore how you can move past standardisation.

Tailoring for the individual

When it comes to gifts, one major drawback of standardisation is that it’s hard to make it a unique present for the individual. Your friend or partner will have seen the product in other people’s houses, and it might lose its special feeling. Customized gifts, on the other hand, offer you the chance to tailor your gift for the individual.

Characteristics of customized gifts

A customised gift will most likely take more effort to organise. While this can be laborious, the extra energy spent can make the gift seem more special. It also offers the opportunity for you to express yourself. You can add words to your gift, or anything symbolic, helping you get across what the recipient means to you. This process of personalising the gift can also help you get to know the recipient more as you work out their interests. Ultimately, a personalised gift can help you express anything to people of all ages.



Chocolates are an easy gift to personalise. Usually, you can pick the recipient’s favourite type of chocolates. Plus, you can easily add any words to the gift. This could be achieved with a customised box of chocolates, or you could consider a seasonal gift. In the run up to Christmas, you could get someone a personalised advent calendar. Or, around Easter, you could find someone a unique Easter egg.

A photo album

A photo album is easy to customise and feel like a truly unique gift. Firstly, pick a photo book that looks ornate and that will survive many years of love on a bookshelf. From there, the fun part starts. Pick out the pictures that best express your relationship and give the recipient a wonderful surprise when they open it.

A handwritten banner

A banner can lighten up any party or special occasion. There are many outlets online where you can choose the font and the exact message you’d like to be displayed on the banner. This can be the ideal gift for a party.

Standardisation of products has made it difficult for gifts to really express how you feel. But by searching for personalised gifts – such as a photo album, chocolates or a banner – you can gift someone a more heartfelt present.

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