The Top Tips When Starting a New Sexual Relationship In Australia.


When you meet someone brand-new and the relationship moves on to sex then things can get really exciting and really quick. Everyone loves the beginning of a sexual relationship because it is a very thrilling time and you start to learn about each other between the sheets and some of the things that you like and some of the things that you dislike. It can be difficult telling a new partner what it is that you like when having sex and maybe your partner will not be familiar with what it is that you want to bring into the boudoir.

Some people try to introduce the use of a sex toy and rather than just take it out at an inopportune moment, it would make a lot of sense to talk about buying one first and then going to the store to pick one out together. This makes it much more acceptable to both parties and you can both pick something that you think might be fun and bring some much-needed excitement into the bedroom. Here are some other top tips to help you to explain the things that you like to do in any new relationship.

  • Always be honest with each other – If you are feeling nervous about trying a certain sexual position or something brand-new then it’s always best to be honest with your partner and let them know how you’re feeling. If you find it a little difficult to speak the words then it might be an idea to maybe send a text message to your partner as a way of having a conversation.
  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable – You want to feel great before climbing into bed with your new partner so try to do anything that you can to make yourself feel fantastic. In the hot shower really shower and condition your hair so that you smell and feel great. If you want to use some skin creams to awaken your senses, that’s fine. Also, make sure that there isn’t anything that your partner doesn’t like the smell of.
  • Always bring protection – It makes perfect sense that you would want to work on protection at the beginning of any new relationship and it’s unlikely that you will ask your new partner to get an STI test so keeping yourself safe in the meantime from various sexy transmitted diseases and pregnancy is just common sense. There are many different contraceptives to choose from including different sizes and different tastes.

You need to make sure that you try to slow things down at the beginning of a new sexual relationship so that you can both get to know each other intimately in both mind and body. It always makes sense to take things slow so you can learn about each other’s bodies more and figure out what each partner likes. It may be the case that in order to warm yourself up, you may have to engage in some activities by yourself, and if you can include your partner then all the better.

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