How to create professional explainer video?


Explainer videos serve perfectly for delivering to your customers what your business and mission are.

Of course, as an alternative, these can be accomplished with marketing texts deployed on the web pages, social media, and sent by emails. This can be compared to the ways you get to the office the day when you have been planning to sign a contract with a potential partner. You know that the contract will bring your company a million of the USD. You are supposed to be at the office at 10 a.m. You got a few options to get there on time — use the subway and then walk for an hour or take a taxi. In this case, you don’t spend too much but put yourself at a risk to get into a sudden traffic jam and eventually get to the bargain late or lose a temper while being late and come to the meeting irritated. Both can lead to the crash of a bargain.

Or you can spend not a penny and get to the office by bicycle or on foot. This may need you to start your traffic three hours in advance to make it.

The depleting voyage may cause stress and you might be not in good mental shape to strike a deal.

Or there another way — to get to the office by helicopter. Just rent it once for this case and come in the time being fresh and prepared. It would allow you to save time so you could make the final preparation, recollect all the peculiarities, and perform sharply and congruently. These factors generally help to clinch deals.

Of course, it would take you a considerable sum of money, but the impression you make on the partner and the way it facilitates your self-confidence will in the end pay it all back.

The same is with the tools of marketing. Use the best to reach the best results.

The animation production companies provide the creation of various animated promo. But, the service costs much. As an alternative, you can consider making a video by yourself. There are plenty of DIY platforms so you can have a DIY explainer video. In any case, you need a professional-like product. Otherwise, you will not reach the purposes you have set.

What is necessary for a good explainer video?

This is the checklist presenting the things that determine if the final result is ok. So, independently the way you will prefer — create a video by yourself or apply for professional assistance, the explainer video is good if:

– It is concise

– It is easy to comprehend and remember

– Has a kind of personal pitch

– It contains an answer to what your product, business, service is?

– It is relevant to the target audience

– Has a sufficient quality

– Tells a good story

– Maker a viewer care

– Provokes a viewer to the actions

The steps of creating a professional explainer video

The first step is to choose a type that will match the image of your company, your brand, and the specific product you promote. You can use animation, live video, and different other types.

The next step is to choose a style and work out a conception. Some use an entertaining style, incorporating a humor touch, some use dramatic turns, some keep the neutral informative style.

As soon the type and style are chosen — get down to step two scripting and storyboarding

They say that a solidly written script is the key to make your explainer video successful. The script is a basement for building everything else upon.

Probably the best is to work on the script as a team consisting of a marketer, product manager, and an outside specialist. As long as the first two perfectly know the specifics of the product or service and the outsider can have a fresh look at the business, the cooperation will result in an interesting script.

A few tips

The Shorter the Better. It is a really hard thing to avoid telling the audience everything about your product. But that is to be done — cut the script down to 60-90 seconds in length.

Keep it simple. The road map of a good script has 4 consequent points:

Highlighting the problem — a brief description of the pain the target audience faces with (0:00-0:20)

Suggest your solution – Present the product or service as the response to the problem (0:20-0:25)

Show how it works —  present the way it works and the result (0:25-0:50)

Call viewers to action — show your contacts and suggest viewers filling a contact form or signing up for a free trial (0:50-0:60)

The next step is picking the location that is emblematic of the firm. This is of course for the case you are going to shot a live-action. Then you need actors, equipment, light, operator and here you go.

If you decide to make an animation, then at this stage you need to get down to the software or online services providing animation.


A professional explainer video may be short and seem to be easy to create. But, frankly speaking, a quality video will take you much more effort than it seems to take.

The best way to save your time and obtain an acceptable result is to apply to professionals.

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