How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos in 2020


Did Youtube remove your favorite video from its platform? or are you getting an error, “This Video is unavailable”? this is due to the fact that Youtube has removed the video from its Video Hosting Platform for policy violation or some other reason. If you come across any such video and wondering, how to watch this deleted youtube video then we have a perfect solution for you. After searching for a lot of tricks and tips we finally found out a working solution to watch deleted Youtube Videos. Similar to this issue, Earlier we covered the topic where we discussed about the possible ways to Read deleted Reddit comments and posts which also worked great and users gave us a positive response to that article.
Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet after Google, Each day the website host thousands of videos on its platform. The Search engine is also concerned about the Copyright and plagiarism policies and removes videos from its platform if it feels that the creator is not following certain guidelines.
Here are some of the common reasons because of which Youtube Removes a Video from its platform.

Causes for “Youtube Video Unavailable”

As being the largest Video Hosting Platform in the world, Youtube is very strict about its Content and Copyright Policies. Youtube is known to have the world’s best bots which can identify any copyrighted material that is being uploaded on its platform and can remove it immediately.
The Company also takes serious action for Plagiarised or Copied content in the Video, If such a video is found then Youtube will remove it. Here are a few of the reasons because of which Youtube Might have deleted the video that you want to watch.

  • Copyright Claim.
  • Video Goes against Youtube Community Standards.
  • Hate Speech/ Criminal Activities.
  • Plagiarised Content.
  • Copied Audio/ Video from other Channels.
  • Auto-Generated Content/ Machine-generated Voiceover to the video.
  • Video Made Private by the Channel owner.

If the video you want to watch falls into any of the above-given categories then its possible that Youtube has removed the video and you can not watch it directly on the website. But don’t worry as we have come up with few solutions to solve this issue.

How to Find Deleted Youtube Video

As you know once the video is deleted or removed from Youtube then there is no way that you can watch it again on the same platform. However, there are few websites or tools that can make it easy for you to recover that video. Let’s discuss the possible ways to view deleted Youtube videos.

(Recommended) Use Web Archive to View Youtube Video is a website that stores web page copies on its servers. It stores web pages from all across the Internet and you can access the copies by just putting the URL in the website’s search box, But as we are here to talk about only Youtube Videos then let’s not waste time talking about the features of
For Recovering a video file from you will need a URL to the deleted Video. If you don’t know how to get a link for the deleted youtube video, Follow these steps.

  1. Go to and look for the deleted video. watch deleted youtube videos
  2. Copy the URL From the top URL Bar. If you are a windows user, Select the URL and Copy it using “CTRL + C” and for MAC Users “CMD + C” copy youtube video url
  3. Go to and paste the URL in the Search box and hit Enter. search youtube videos on web archive
  4. On the new window, You will find a Calender with all the years in it. Select the calendar which has more numbers of snapshots taken. Once you are on the Year, Click on the Blue icon that circles the date and click on the Time-stamp to open the Youtube URL copy that was captured on that day. recover deleted youtube videos using archive org
  5. Finally, You will be taken to a new window where you can watch your Favorite youtube video that was deleted. watch deleted youtube videos online

That’s it! you can now watch any video that has been removed from youtube. We also have some other recommended ways which you can use to View deleted Youtube video.

Search the Video on Other Platform

The Internet is huge and if something gets deleted from a particular website doesn’t mean that it is also removed from the internet. If you know how to search for a particular video then you can easily watch the video on some other platforms. Here are few website types where you can find the deleted Youtube Video.

  1. Social Media: If you know the title or the channel name that uploaded the video then you can try and search for the same on other Social Networking websites. There are chances that even after removing the video from Youtube, the video will still be available on other Social Media websites. You can use Facebook and Twitter to Find such videos by entering the video title in the Search box.
  2. Use Other Video Hosting Websites: Youtube is not the only website that hosts videos. You can go to Vimeo, or Dailymotion to find similar videos that are being uploaded on Youtube. You can also look for the Deleted Youtube Video on these platforms as they have easy copyright and Content restriction policies.

Contact Youtube Support Team

If both the above solutions are not working for you and you still need to find that deleted video on Youtube then try contacting the Youtube support staff. Youtube has one of the best support staff and a community website where users can post all sorts of questions and ask for help.


After searching for all the possible ways to watch deleted youtube videos, We finally found these 3 working methods that you can use to recover the videos. If you know about any other method then please let us know by commenting down.

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