5 Ways to Read deleted Reddit Comments and Posts


Reddit is a popular online messaging board with over a billion page views per month. Reddit has a lot of information on various topics from censored to uncensored and the best part about Reddit is that you can even access it anonymously without revealing your identity.

Today we are going to cover the topic “How to Read Deleted Reddit comments and posts” because a lot of users have already asked us and in this article, we are going to give you detailed information on the same.
There is not a single reason as to why posts or comments get deleted on Reddit as the platform needs to moderate posts and comments and make sure that the comments posted by the users won’t hurt any other user in the community and if found then the posts or comments gets deleted. There might be multiple reasons because of which the comment or the post is removed from the Reddit platform. Below we are listing a few of the reasons:

  • moderators on the subreddits remove it.
  • Reddit Flagged the post or comment as spam or irrelevant.
  • The user account removed from Reddit.
  • Post removed from Reddit.

Reddit is an online discussion website that gets hundreds of questions and comments posted on the platform on a daily basis and a lot of people use this website daily for discussion, Gain knowledge, or just to pass their time. but it is hard for Reddit admins or subreddit admins to monitor each and every comment or post so they have moderators or auto-spam-detecting bots in place to flag irrelevant or spammy content and keep the community and discussion board as clean as possible.

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Reddit uses these auto-deletion techniques to minimize spam and keep the platform safe for its users. This might be a good thing for Reddit but it can also affect the experience of an individual user. Thankfully, there are a few methods and websites created by other Reddit users to find these deleted comments or posts and browse them freely. These websites mainly scan the entire directory of Reddit and cache the posts and comments before they are deleted. This way a copy of the posts is always available on these websites. However, if the posts and comments are deleted before the caching process is done then there is no way to get the deleted content back.

Below we are mentioning 5 ways to read Deleted Reddit Comments or posts on Reddit:

  1. Removeddit
  2. Ceddit
  3. Resavr
  4. Un-Delete Reddit Comments
  5. Wayback Machine

How to Read Deleted Reddit Posts

#1. Unddit – Easy Reddit Comments/Posts retrieving tool

Unddit is an easy-to-use tool and can help you to retrieve deleted Reddit threads. It’s a free-to-use platform that uses pushshift.io’s API to scan the Reddit web page in real-time. It uses different color codes to differentiate between live and deleted data on Reddit. The tool will help you to see all bot, mod, and user-deleted comments from Reddit.

Here are the steps to easily use unddit to view deleted comments/posts

Step 1: click on the link here and head over to unddit.com.

Step 2: Click the Star icon in the URL bar of your browser and add unddit to your bookmarks.

unddit reddit comments posts viewer

Step 3: Now head over to reddit.com and click on the post for which you want to view deleted comments. Once you have selected the post, click the unddit button from the bookmark bar.

Step 4: A new window will appear saying “Loading Comments”, Wait until the process is completed. Once the process is done, you will see the deleted Reddit comments and posts.

#1 Removeddit – Read Deleted Reddit posts and comments

Removeddit is a popular website if you are looking for deleted posts on Reddit. They are in the market from the past few years and serve a lot of cached copies of Reddit posts and comments. There are many ways you can use Removeddit to read comments and posts. You can search for the posts and comments by directly visiting the website or you can use the below given alternate method.
Step #1: Visit the Reddit website and go to the post you want to use and select the URL.
The URL might look similar to this one
Step #2: Just remove the “Reddit” word from the URL and replace it with Removeddit like this


It also shows the count of already removed comments from that single post and in our case, as you can see the removed comments count is 12 while the deleted comments count is 65, Now just scroll down and find all the deleted and removed comments from Reddit.
Note: The removed comments will have a red background while the deleted comments will have a blue background for an easy understanding of what data is retrieved.

#2 Ceddit – Read Deleted Reddit Comments

Just like Removeddit helps you to retrieve back the deleted posts and comments, Ceddit also helps to achieve the same results and the process is pretty similar to that of removeddit. It will try and retrieve most of the deleted comments from the system but it might not be able to fully recover them as some comments might get deleted before Ceddit can cache them.
Step #1: For using ceddit go to reddit.com and select the post and click on the URL.
Step #2: remove the “Reddit” word from the URL and replace it with “Ceddit” like this:
Once done, A new webpage will open and you will be able to check for the deleted comments from Reddit.

#3 Resavr – for reading Removed Reddit comments

Resavr is another great tool to view deleted comments on Reddit. They only extract and save all the deleted comments which are 650 characters or more than that.
According to the website, The comments with 650+ characters might have a piece of valuable information hidden in it and Retrieving it might help a lot of people to view that information rather than recovering all comments. Also, it helps the website to save a lot of server space by eliminating short comments.
For viewing deleted comments on Reddit using Resavr, Visit their homepage and you can see all the top comments added to the system recently. You can also search for the comment using the post title by putting it in the search box given at the top right side corner. They also have a Recent comments tab which shows you all the recently deleted comments from the platform.
Apart from comments they also show you the data of the character length, When the post got deleted with date and time. You can use this information on websites like the Wayback machine to explore more about the given post.

#4 Un-Delete Reddit Comments

Un-Delete Reddit comments is a Chrome extension that allows you to cache Reddit posts and open them later. They use google’s IndexedDB to cache the Reddit pages into your browser.

Although this tool is not helpful if you want to recover the deleted posts and comments on reddit but rather this tool will help you to save or store your favorite articles from Reddit to view them later.

This is a Chrome extension that lets you cache Reddit posts to view them later. It lets you save all types of comments even if they get deleted later. Though it won’t let you recover already deleted comments, however, it can be a powerful tool if you manually cache every important discussion.

To use the extension, simply open the Reddit post that you want to cache and click on the extension button. The extension will show the URL with a big Cache button below.
Click on the button and the page will be cached. You can click on the extension button later again to recover the saved page.
To Install and use Un-delete Reddit comments extension follow the below steps:

  1. Click on this link and visit the Chrome Extensions store.
  2. Click on “Add to chrome” and on the next popup window click on the “Add Extension” button.
  3. Once added visit Reddit.com, Select the post which you want to archive or cache and click on the Un-Delete Reddit Comments icon given on the Chrome extension bar.
  4. A big blue button will appear saying “Cache” and it will automatically cache the page on your browser.

#5 Wayback Machine:

Wayback Machine is a website that saves a copy of each website available on this internet. Although they might not have complete data. if you look for their data and the size of data they hold for each website is insane.
Wayback Machine is a great way to find old Archived Reddit posts and comments and have fun. They also help a lot of people to understand more about the old content and some unique Reddit threads.
They have archived versions of so many websites on a daily basis. They also crawl Reddit multiple times a day and has a lot of information and archived Reddit pages on their server.
To access Archived Reddit posts and comments go to http://web.archive.org/ and in the search box type in the Reddit URL which is https://reddit.com.
Once done, you will see a big chart with years, and below that another big square chart with days and months highlighted in blue and green colors.

Click on the year for which you want to see Cached or archived Reddit data and then Select Day from the month calendar as per your choice. A popup will appear asking you to select the time of the day for which you want to see Reddit’s Archived copy.
Once done you will be redirected to a copy of cached Reddit pages on web.archive.org’s servers. It is also important to note that Wayback machine does not crawl every single page or post but rather they crawl a huge chunk of such websites and try to save maximum copies of each page over a span of time.

As you can see in the below image, I was successfully able to retrieve a cached copy of Reddit for 31st March 2019. Like this, you can get deleted comments or posts from Reddit using the Cached copy of those pages.
Wayback Machine also helps you to see cached copies of other websites too. Just enter the website URL or the Page URL you want to see the Cached copy of and select the Date and time to get the copy.

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#6. Unreddit

Unreddit is another Chrome extension that can help you to read deleted Reddit comments and also show removed Reddit posts. To use this extension, Go to the Chrome extension store and type “Unreddit” in the search box. Click the first option and click the “Add to Chrome” button. On the following popup box, Click “Add Extension” and wait until the extension is added. Now go to Reddit and open any post. the extension will automatically retrieve all the deleted comments for that post and show them to you.

Unreddit works on both old as well as the new version of Reddit. The only drawback of this extension is that it doesn’t work on the non-English versions of Reddit.

 read deleted reddit comments


That’s it on the list and if you are looking for more websites then you can also check some official threads about this topic on Reddit. But the above-listed websites are popular and have the maximum number of cached data of Reddit comments and posts.

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