World of Warcraft: Alliance and Horde allied races


There are few games in the world that have been played for almost two decades now. Several generations of players have been raised on the World of Warcraft game and its popularity is not falling even now.

Many players daily go through dungeons, participate in raids, and complete quests. Warcraft is famous for its incredible story and the developed world with a wide variety of characters. Many gamers play one character for many years and then start again to play with another class or for another faction. In order not to upgrade a character from scratch, many gamers use the help of boosting services where they can buy wow wotlk gold, complete raids, and pass through dungeons. This is much more profitable than pumping your hero from scratch and saves time and effort.

In this article, we will tell you about the allies of the Alliance and the Horde in World of Warcraft.

Horde in World of Warcraft

Alliance allied races

Void elves

The followers of Alleria Windrunner who mastered the magic of the Void were not accepted in their native Silvermoon City. Now they have found their place in the Alliance. Void Elf is a great race for spellcasters, as they cannot be interrupted by damage, plus they can empower themselves with the essence of the Abyss and teleport through dimensional rifts. They also have increased resistance to dark magic.

Lightforged Draenei

Especially zealous followers of the Light among the Draenei, who turned themselves into a real weapon to fight the Burning Legion. Their racial abilities in WoW deal Holy damage in combat or upon death, and they also have increased Holy Resistance. Lightforged Draenei is a master blacksmith who not only has a bonus to this profession but is also able to summon a forge anywhere in the world. When fighting demons, they gain an increased amount of experience. The choice of classes for this Alliance allied race is meager – warrior, hunter, mage, priest, and paladin.

Dark Iron Dwarves

Years of clan strife have ended, and the Dark Iron clan, once rejected by their brethren from Ironforge, has returned to the ranks of the Alliance. These guys own a network of underground tunnels that allow them to move around Azeroth with the help of drilling rigs. They move faster indoors, take less physical damage, and can remove adverse effects from themselves and increase their stats. Like the Lightforged Draenei, they are excellent blacksmiths and can forge items faster. They have the same class choice as regular dwarves – all classes are available except for druids and demon hunters.

Kul Tirans

The relatives of Jaina Proudmoore, who returned to the Alliance during the events of the Battle for Azeroth in WoW, are ready to help their allies not only with a powerful fleet but also with valuable skills. Kul Tirans have bonuses to all professions, increased resistance to frost and nature magic, and they are excellent swimmers. Members of this race have a bonus to Versatility, and some of the damage they take is returned as healing. The active ability of the Kul Tirans stuns and knocks back one enemy.


Real cyborgs from Azeroth with robotic bodies. Mechagnomes’ stats gradually increase during combat, which is useful in protracted battles. They also automatically heal when they receive critical damage and can create copies that distract opponents. Built into the mechagnome’s hand is a versatile set of tools that allows you to pick locks and practice any profession anywhere. The paladin, shaman, druid, and demon hunter classes are not available for mechagnome play in World of Warcraft.

mechagnome play in World of Warcraft

Horde allied races


The elves of Suramar, having endured ten thousand years of isolation, joined the Horde. They have a bonus to the profession of the inscription, can summon a magical tome that serves as their mailbox, and have increased magic damage and increased resistance to arcane magic. Their active racial ability deals damage to all nearby enemies and slows them down.

The art of paladins, druids, shamans, and demon hunters was not taught in the academies of Suramar in World of Warcraft, and conservative nightborne do not seek to change these practices. The rest of the classes are available to play for this race.

Highmountain Tauren

Distant relatives of the inhabitants of Mulgore, with spreading horns and living in unity with the spirits of the earth, rivers, and sky. They take less damage from attacks, get more fish and meat while hunting and fishing, and have a bonus to mining and an increased speed of ore mining. This race has an increased versatility parameter, and an active ability allows you to make a dash, knocking down all opponents in its path.

The choice of classes among Highmountain Tauren is small – they only respect warriors, hunters, druids, shamans, and monks. And the Shadowlands add-on adds death knights to this list.


Orcs of Draenor that have not been touched by the Blight. Long mistrusted of their green skin brethren, but now circumstances have changed and the Mag’har is now part of the Horde in WoW. They are excellent riders, allowing them to mount faster outdoors, and their pets have increased health. Mag’har is less affected by poisons, diseases, and curses, and the blessing of the ancestral spirits allows them to increase their stats in battle.

Warlocks are categorically not welcomed by these people, and there are simply no schools of paladins and druids.


For a long time, the inhabitants of the Zandalar empire did not want to know about the outside world, but the war between the Alliance and the Horde has come to their shores. The wise Queen Talanji joined the Horde, providing new allies with a powerful fleet and knowledge of the loa. Each Zandalari in World of Warcraft can choose one of the loa to worship in return for a useful permanent blessing. The Zandalari also find more gold in their loot, regenerate damage quickly like other trolls, and are able to summon a Pterrordax, on whose wings they can glide from any height without damage. The Zandalari have a wide range of classes.

During WoW existence, it has repeatedly risen to the very top or conceded to new developments. Nevertheless, the project remains extremely popular and loved by a large number of users. The audience of World of Warcraft is about 12 million people around the world, with an age range from 14 to 60. And players are waiting for each new addon like a holiday, like Dragonflight for example. Each new addon introduces new characters, so the list of races will expand over time.

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