How to Perfectly Pack Freight Boxes


Whether you’re sending a present to a friend or loved one, or you’re moving, the fundamentals of correctly packing a box are the same. When it comes to ensuring that your gift arrives in perfect shape, there is a lot to consider. Yes, you must know about how to send the box and how long is standard shipping. But, aspects like securing the box are crucial as well. That said, here are 6 pointers to help you pack correctly and prevent typical packing blunders.

  1. Select the Appropriate Packing Materials

Use boxes that are either new or barely used. This is because it’s a recipe for tragedy to use worn packaging, especially if the items are heavy. If you choose liquor shop boxes, please remember that they are frequently used only once and are made to hold glass bottles.

As for the tape, avoid using sticky tape or glue. Instead, use a 2-inch wide packing tape. Remember to strengthen the box’s bottom and any seams.

If you’re packing fragile items, consider utilizing a dish barrel box. These boxes are made from a heavy-duty cardboard box with thick protecting sides and partitions.

Lastly, you’ll need plastic wrap, foam peanuts, and paper. These materials are necessary to keep the contents from shifting or shattering. Newspaper can also be used, although white packing paper is preferable because it is firmer and does not flatten out as quickly.

  1. Select the Correct Box Dimensions

It’s best to choose a box that’s slightly larger than the things you’re delivering, but not excessively so. When packing, begin at the bottom and work your way up. From 2 wall to 5 wall Gaylord boxes there is a box to suit your requirements.

Fill the box with a thick coating of bubble wrap or crushed paper. Make sure to pack the heaviest items first, followed by the lightest. This prevents the boxes from crumbling under the pressure.

  1. Be Cautious About the Weight

By all means, do not overload the box. When it comes to weight, a complete box shouldn’t weigh more than 30 pounds. As such, fill the box with your belongings and packing supplies, keeping the weight in mind. This is because an overloaded box can easily rupture during transit.

  1. Use Enough Cushioning

Make sure the box is tightly packed by filling the space around the contents with foam shells or wedge papers. This adds a layer of cushioning for more safety.

  1. Seal and Label the Container

After closing the box, it’s critical to fix the cover with tape. When labeling moving boxes, make sure to include the contents as well as the destination. Place a shipping label on the top, side, and bottom of shipments.

  1. Organize Your Packages for Transit

Mixing items from different rooms in a single package should be avoided. This is because it will only lead to confusion, and time wastage when unpacking.

Wind Up

After the packing process, make sure you ship all the boxes carefully. If you’re mailing a fragile package, make sure to pack it with cushions, clothes, or even blankets. Lastly, consider insuring any valuables from damage or theft!

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