iDenfy partners with IPRoyal to enhance security through identity verification


IPRoyal will use iDenfy’s ID verification to maintain a seamless customer onboarding process

Kaunas, Lithuania (July 26, 2022) – iDenfy, the Lithuania-based digital identity verification, fraud prevention and compliance startup, joined forces with IPRoyal, a company that specializes in various proxy solutions. iDenfy will ensure a secure and smooth customer experience by providing its full-stack identity verification service for IPRoyal. 

Cybercrime is an ever-growing challenge that affects multiple industries globally. Criminals are now using complex schemes to breach data, making it harder for businesses to combat this issue and detect fraud. According to a recent report by Finances Online, companies lose approximately more than $16 billion daily due to online criminal activity.

As cybercrime can lead to identity theft, financial fraud and other dangerous offenses, iDenfy claims that not having proper security measures is risky. While specializing in fraud and Know Your Customer (KYC) services, the startup emphasizes the importance of identifying clients, and this way, protecting businesses from cyber attacks and money laundering activities.

IPRoyal agrees with this strict cybersecurity approach. With the goal to add another layer of security, the company looked for superior identity verification providers that could ensure safety for the customers, then chose iDenfy. IPRoyal is a wide range proxy provider dedicated to building a secure online surfing experience for its clients. The company’s easy-to-use proxies can be utilized for web scraping, SEO optimization, or competitor research analysis.

IPRoyal claims that its residential proxies are greatly used for data scraping because they can’t be distinguished from organic visitors. The company also provides a unique Sneaker Proxy that helps customers to get their hands on exclusive, limited-edition pairs of kicks before they’re sold out on various retail websites. Since IPRoyal’s proxy network is filled with real IP addresses from genuine users, the proxy guarantees that the customer doesn’t get detected or blocked.

The partnership with iDenfy helps IPRoyal to review the customers’ data quickly and securely, making sure that the company isn’t associated with money laundering or any type of fraud. iDenfy’s full-stack identity verification allows customers to complete the verification within less than three minutes. The company’s automated ID verification solution uses artificial intelligence and advanced biometric technology to efficiently detect fake identities, the use of masks or spoofing, and prevent suspicious users from accessing IPRoyal’s network.

iDenfy’s in-house experts’ team manually reviews the identity documents and the users’ onboarding selfies in real-time to guarantee complete accuracy. iDenfy is also known for its customization options and compatibility. The startup’s ID verification software can be synced with such applications as Slack, Shopify, or WordPress. According to IPRoyal, iDenfy’s functionality and the practical “pay-per-approved-verification” pricing model impacted the decision to implement its solution.

“iDenfy helps us manage sensitive data and takes care of the administrative work of the ready-made KYC solution, which allows us to concentrate on other aspects. We’ve noticed an increase in the number of new clients, and now, we’re confident that the customers are greeted with a secure, seamless ID verification process.” – stated IPRoyal CEO Karolis Toleikis.

“We value this partnership and IPRoyal’s trust in our identity verification solution. Our goal is to help our new partner save time and increase convenience by providing a secure, user-friendly identity verification service.” – added Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy.

About iDenfy   

iDenfy, a platform of identity verification services and fraud prevention tools, ensures AML and KYC compliance for every company — from large-scale businesses to small organizations. The rapidly growing business was named the best “Fintech Startup” in 2020. The company also received recognition for winning a Baltic Assembly Prize for innovation in 2021.

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