Making Work More Fun: 10 Unique and Fun Office Supplies


Going to work every day doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, since your office needs office supplies anyway, why not make them a little more unique and interesting? Not all office supplies and office equipment are alike, and the best part is the companies making these items are always coming up with newer and more interesting designs. If you want your supplies to make your day a little easier, try the following items:

  1. Scanner Pens

Yes, there are actually pens that allow you to scan things. If you’re working on a document and you want to scan it when you’re done, these pens can be true miracle workers. They usually cost around $50 and will produce a digital image that you can immediately save to a USB drive.

  1. Outlet Tower

Let’s face it, we all need multiple electrical outlets and USB devices to charge our electronics, and instead of using an extension cord, a well-built outlet tower saves you both space and headaches. Just set up the tower, plug a few devices in, and you’re all set to go.

  1. Moon Pod

If you have to work, especially if you work from home, you might as well be comfortable while you’re there. The Moon Pod is a chair that looks like a bean bag chair, but it’s made with higher-quality beads and super-tough materials. While they cost around $300, they are well worth it because they are so comfortable and long-lasting.

  1. Funny and Slightly Offensive Writing Pens

This isn’t exactly a necessity when it comes to office equipment and supplies, but at least you’ll know no one is going to steal pens from you! These are pens with fake ads on them for proctologists, nudist groups, gender reassignment centres, and sexual addiction therapists, among others.

  1. Zen Gardens

Sandy zen gardens are super-relaxing to play with, and keeping them on the top of your desk gives you a way to reduce your stress level every time you feel like it’s rising a little too high. These gardens come in various sizes, designs, and colours, and they give you something to relieve your stress (buy klonopin online).

  1. Posture Monitor

We all know how important the right posture is, but it’s difficult to utilize the right posture consistently when you’re hard at work. A posture monitor consists of a small device you attach to your shirt, and it gives you a slight buzz when your posture isn’t just right. Many of them even come with an app that tracks your steps and your posture.

  1. Bright, Colour-Coordinated Office Supplies

If you’re going to need pencil holders, staplers, and desk organizers anyway, why not make them all the same colour? Even better, why not choose bright colours for all of these items? For the most interesting results, try colours such as lime green, bright pink, and neon yellow.

  1. Peel and Stick Googly Eyes

If you work in an eye doctor’s office, these are perfect. They are available in tons of sizes, so you can place them on your computer keys, your filing cabinets, or anything else, giving those items a very unique and eye-catching look.

  1. Unique Pencil Holders

Not all office equipment and supplies look the same, and this is especially true with pencil holders that sit on top of your desk. Try one that looks like your favourite animal or one that looks like a huge hand that is holding a bunch of pencils!

  1. “Essentials” Kit

These kits are made for people to be able to work “from anywhere,” and they consist of all the basics, including pens, Post-it pads, chargers and so much more. They are especially useful for people who are new on the job.

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