Modern Commercial Office Desks For Small Spaces


Whether you work in a commercial or home office, you’ll need a desk. You can find many styles and sizes to accommodate your space.

Traditional desks crafted of wood or durable materials offer a stately air to any office. Look for a desk with a hutch for more storage and room to display personal memorabilia or decor items.

Adjustable Height Desks

If you work in a home office or nook that needs to be bigger than a traditional desk, a modern commercial office desk can still provide you with a functional workspace. Many of these desks are designed to fold up and be stored away when not in use so that they won’t take up space in your room. These desks come in various materials, shapes and sizes to match the aesthetic of any nook or office.

Another way to maximize your space is by choosing a small sit-to-stand desk. Its neutral appearance complements home office décor and is a compact design to fit small workspaces. It also includes storage to organize books and supplies. You can raise or lower the desktop’s height by pressing a button on the ergonomic hand controller.

Introducing these types of adjustable height desks into the workplace can help your staff work using their body’s optimal “Neutral Posture.” Studies show that this posture makes them more alert and improves executive function. This can result in fewer sick days due to back and neck pain, and it can increase productivity in the long run. You can find various options for these modern commercial office desks, including advanced technology that provides an anti-collision sensor and programmable memory positioning control.

Mobile Pedestals

Mobile storage pedestals like those from C + P offer a practical solution for small spaces, whether placed under or beside a desk. They provide space for all the office stationery you need, keeping it within easy reach. They also help to create a neat appearance, with smooth rear and side panels that don’t reveal joints.

A basic, compact wood desk is a great option in nooks that are too small for a full-blown workspace. If you’re looking for more storage but still don’t have room for a large filing cabinet, try a pedestal with a buffet. You can use the space to store decor, beautiful books and manuals you want to showcase, or even a small plant. Many options include the ability to add a lock for security. The wheel cabinet is smart furniture, so you can move it around to get the most out of your workspace. The pedestal has a choice of drawer configurations, including a double-file layout, box/file or a combination of both.

Vertical Space

A cluttered workspace slows down productivity and erodes focus, and the clutter doesn’t just distract; it can also lead to lower morale. Storage options that maximize vertical space help eliminate visual distractions and promote a productive and organized work environment.

While a full-blown office may not fit in every room, many nooks can easily be transformed into a home workstation with some smart furniture. Look for modern desks that are small in size and include built-in shelving to reduce the amount of space needed.

Consider a sleek desk with rounded corners, which can help reduce the appearance of bulk and allow your workspace to appear larger. Another option is to choose a desk with shelves on either side, which can provide plenty of surface area for books and supplies without looking overcrowded. In addition, opting for a modern desk in a color that coordinates with the walls around it will minimize the appearance of your workspace.

In addition to adding desks and shelving units, consider implementing activity centers as part of your work environment. This allows everyone easy access to specific equipment, such as a printer or packing and shipping materials. Providing these resources to multiple people instead of giving everyone their printer frees up valuable floor space.


While many modern workplaces rely on open workspaces, cubicles are an excellent solution for businesses requiring employees’ privacy and personal space. Cubicles separate workers’ workspaces from each other, allowing them to focus without distraction. They also create visual and noise buffers that reduce distractions from nearby colleagues and help prevent the spread of germs.

The coronavirus pandemic has led some companies to seek out taller cubicle walls to help prevent the spread of disease. These cubicle walls are easily installed and offer various options for workspaces, including adjustable windows, which can be moved up and down to accommodate both collaborative and independent work.

floating desk offers a unique office solution in nooks and corners with premium space. Instead of a traditional desk, the wooden piece extends into the wall, leaving room for a laptop and plenty of storage. This desk style works exceptionally well in a small space because the materials are cohesive with the rest of the room, so the desk doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

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