Need for IP Telephony Solutions


The innovation in communication technologies always brings out best and user-friendly
solutions. As we know that such modes of instant are not available in the past. But now the IP
telephony solutions have been introduced which let an individual exchange voice, fax and
other formats easily. There is no need for them to depend upon plain old telephone services
also known as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for doing all such things.

Features of IP Telephony

It is quite interesting to understand that whenever a person is making a call, it is traveling in
the form of packets. Local area network is included, or one can say the internet is the part
where the PSTN tolls are clearly avoided. The speech coding standards are entirely different in
IP telephony than that of PSTN.
To make things more clear, here we will be going to discuss the advantages of moving to IP
telephony solutions in past years.

Advantages of switching to IP telephony solutions:-

Flexibility & Transferability:
There is no need for an individual to feel like that if the internet connection is not available, and
then they cannot communicate. The IP telephony solutions are developed in a manner that
whether the internet is available or not, you are flexible enough to communicate with another
person easily. The call forwarding option is also available in phones which make this problem a
very little one.
Interactive conference calls:
By IP telephony solutions, the conference calls are just a click away. It was not that much easy
in the past because of the dedicated phone lines. But now the scenario has been changed and it
is possible to make conference calls easily. With the use of a traditional phone system, one can
easily engage in it without paying any additional amount for the same.
Not only the audio calls but video calls in the conference are much easier with it as well. Now
face to face interaction with colleagues and clients has become so easy that there is no need for
an individual to visit miles and miles to communicate with them.
Cost-efficient calls:
In this technology, the internet has been utilized to make the calls. Hence one can easily
conclude that there is no need for them to pay a very high amount for the same at all. The IP
network you are using will provide you with the combination of best services at lower prices.
You will be going to get a guarantee of the quality of services from the telephone service
provider networks so that no trouble will be created to you in any case.
Moreover, we can look a few years back where we need to pay a very high amount for the calls
we are making. Now a person can make the call nationally or internationally efficiently. There is
no need for them to think twice before making a call.

The versatility of features:

How one can forget about the IP telephony solutions comes up with the versatility of features.
The features which are engaged in it are very useful for everyone. One can take the example of
In early times when you want to forward the message you need to copy it and then paste it and
before the time of copy and paste, you need to rewrite it again. But now the forwarding
message option is available which leads to doing it within a second or a minute. Moreover, a
voicemail to text inscriptions is also available that will help you to get an idea about the
requirement of the sender.


It is quite evident that with the changing trends in technology are always bring more reliability,
transferability, versatility, and flexibility for us. Cost friendly feature of IP telephony will make it
more prominent in the future.

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