Serverwala Review: Best Dedicated and VPS server provider in USA


Server Wala is a leading and renowned web hosting provider in USA. It offers a number of hosting services at an affordable price so anyone can choose their choice of Plans.  Get a broad range of reliable services and maximize your business with ease. Enjoy the incredible features of VPS in USA and Dedicated Server with Server Wala.

Serverwala Review

Server Wala aims to furnish the high rated and world-class latest technology-based tools to optimize your website. Also, you have the outstanding choice to select the operating system for your web hosting. You can easily generate high revenue and maximize your business with server wala web hosting services.

Server Wala best provides excellent web hosting services such as Shared Server, VPS Server, and Dedicated Server. You get the dedicated resources with round the clock support and 24*7 server monitoring. Also instant troubleshoots services with the USA Dedicated Server.

In this blog post, we will discuss what server wala offers for web hosting in which pricing. How their services are the best option to choose for your business hosting. Let’s start with the introduction to VPS Server in USA and later on Dedicated Server USA.

Learn about VPS Server in the USA

VPS Server is a Virtual Private Server that comes with its private and inbuilt services. It is strictly bound to share its private resources with other websites hosted on a single physical server. VPS Server is one of the most stable and secure hosting solutions for your website hosting. It is a one-stop solution for the site owners who wish to host their website on a small investment.

VPS Server in USA is much cheaper than the dedicated server and offers flexible and scalable resources for hosting. VPS Hosting provides or leases its space for the business person or individual to host the website. So anyone can access the site from the search engine under a good internet connection.

VPS Server is a bridge between the Shared and Dedicated Server that exceeds the shared server’s resources and offers a lower cost than the Dedicated Server. Therefore, you can easily host your website on a VPS Server in USA, and enjoy the array of resources with ease.

Why should one choose the VPS Server from Server Wala?

It is genuine that VPS Hosting is the best one among the rest of the hosting services. For the startups and beginners level, Shared Hosting is the most preferred choice. At the same time, it offers limited resources at a cheap cost. Hence, they later move their site on higher plans or choose another hosting to maintain their site stability.  Let’s talk about why server wala VPS Server is best for your website hosting.

As you may know that a provider is the one who supports and guide you. Also, helps to set up your business and provide dedicated resources for hosting. What happens if you make the wrong choice in the provider? It will cost your business reputation, performance, loss in investment, and much more. Hence server wala is here for you in your location to provide the high-class network scalability to explore your business across the globe with ease.

Know the pricing of USA VPS Server

It is obvious that every web hosting provider offers different pricing. But you will be shocked to see the pricing that server wala provides for your website hosting.  Our pricing is budget-friendly that anyone could easily fit in your budget and reasonable that you can easily afford. With Server Wala, you get the dedicated resource for what you pay to us. VPS USA cheap in price hence enjoy the unlimited features and focus on your business goals.

VPS Server Plans for First Month
Package(VPS) CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
Copper Plan 1 Core 1 GB DDR3 25 GB SSD 5 TB $5.50
Bronze Plan 2 Core 2 GB DDR3 50 GB SSD 5 TB $11.00
Silver Plan 4Core 4 GB DDR3 80 GB SSD 5 TB $25.00
Golden Plan 6 Core 6 GB DDR3 150 GB SSD 5 TB $45.00
Diamond Plan 8 Core 8 GB DDR3 250 GB SSD 5 TB $65.00
Platinum Plan 10 Core 12 GB DDR3 500 GB SSD 5 TB $100.00

Advantages of Server Wala VPS Server

Highest Reliability

VPS is an ideal choice that offers maximum reliability for web hosting. Get the maximum reliability and flexible resources of VPS Server at your on Budget with Server Wala. Cheap VPS Server USA resources are highly reliable and consistent that you can use very efficiently. Therefore, enjoy the services in the budget-friendly environment with ease. 

Install Your choice of OS

with the VPS Server in USA, you have an outstanding option to choose the operating system for your website hosting. You can choose either the windows or Linux hosting for your business hosting. Both have their different plans and accessibility. Therefore, install the OS which you want. 

Choose the services you need

With your choices of services, you can choose the managed or managed VPS plans for your site hosting. With the Unmanaged VPS Server, you will get complete access to your server nut need to control the server configurations by yourself. While in the Managed VPS Server, server wala provides you 24*7 support and helps set up your VPS Server. 

Boost site performance

With the  VPS Hosting in USA, you get the top of the world services and upgraded resources. It helps you to boost your site performance and enhance the network speed. Enjoy the excellent features to upgrade services at a low cost with server wala and explore your services among the targeted audience with ease.

Need to Know about the Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is a powerful and robust hosting platform that comes with plenty of resources. The dedicated server comes with the standard security and robust features that are compatible with every platform. Also, it can easily handle high traffic on websites. Hence, the best option to host large websites like an E-commerce website.

The best dedicated server USA is a highly secure and flexible platform that gives a high level of root-level control in your hands. It also comes with a broad range of highly reliable services that help grow your business rapidly in the web hosting market. What can you do with such assessability? You can make server configurations according to your website requirements. Such as add-on, install or remove any software from the server.

Why is Dedicated Server effective for your Business Growth?

Well, Dedicated server is robust and state of the art hosting platform that offer highly secure services for site hosting. Moreover, all other hosting such as shared and VPS servers are cheaper than the Dedicated server. But both are the best options on their level fails to handle the high traffic on websites.

Whereas, Dedicated Server can easily handle the large platform traffic with ease. Also, provide the high scalability to upgrade your resources whenever required.  Because of its highly improved resources and well-organized server with excellent network infrastructure, it is considered a one-stop solution for the site owners.

Therefore, Server Wala Dedicated Server benefits your business in a number of ways and perfect platforms for your site hosting. Hence, effective and helps to grow your business and success. 

Review the Server Wala Dedicated Server Pricing

Get the pricing of the Cheap dedicated server USA just below in a table. Pick the best plan that perfectly fit for your web hosting. Also, see how much bandwidth, RAM, and CPU, you get with the suitable price ranges.

Dedicated Server Plans for First Month
S.NO CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1. Intel Xeon E3-1220
4 Cores x 3.20 GHz
32 GB DDR3
500 GB HDD
10 TB $55.00
2. Dual Xeon L5520
8 Cores x 2.26 GHz
10 TB $85.00
3. Intel Xeon E3-1220 V5
4 Cores x 3.00 GHz
64 GB DDR3 4 TB HDD 50 TB $105.00
4. Dual Xeon E5-2630L
12 Cores x 2.0 GHz
64 GB DDR3 1 TB HDD 100 TB $125.00
5. Intel Xeon E3-1220 V5
4 Cores x 3.00 GHz
64 GB DDR3 1 TB HDD 150 TB $145.00

Know the Benefits of USA Dedicated Server

Highest performance

Get the maximum performance and highest uptime with the cheap Dedicated Server USA. The dedicated resources and top-level services are the reasons why the dedicated server rich in providing the highest site and server performance. Enjoy your site loading time with ultra high speed at your own budget with server wala.

Complete Root-level access

You can amazingly get the complete root access to make any changes on your server with ease. Therefore, you can install your choice of applications and software on the server. At the same time, you can remove, delete, or modify any applications on your server. 

High level of Security

Dedicated Server is committed to providing the high-level fo security plans in which it assures to secure your data from the malicious websites. Serversecure advanced security and standard DDoS protection protects your site from the outsider attacks and make your website free from viruses. Also, the inbuilt security plugins help your system to crash. 

24*7 on-premise Support

You get the round the clock dedicated support with the dedicated server hosting USA. Therefore, whenever you get in trouble, the server wala team always stays here to fix the issue as soon as they observe.


As you have gone through this entire article, then you learned about the Dedicated and VPS Server in brief. Also, how a successful web provider plays an important role in your business success. Server Wala is the one-stop solution that accomplishes your dream for a large or successful business. Also, it helps to footholds your business in the web hosting market.

Hence, there is no need to go further from the server wala, which provides world-class services and down-to-earth support for your business hosting. Get the best dedicated and VPS Server services at a reasonable cost from Server Wala and explore your business easily on a large platform.

I hope this article helps you.

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