Position and Style: The Best Mattress Type for Every Sleeping Position


A new mattress can be one of your biggest purchases this year. Not only can it benefit your whole sleeping experience, but it also is beneficial for your health. Of course, your well-being can benefit from it, too. We may take advantage of sleep, but we can never deny that it affects our life, day and night. No one would want to have no enough recharge and rest after a hectic day. A busy day ahead without enough energy can be a pain in the head.

Thus, we must look at every detail we can to get the best. We bet that you already know that when choosing a mattress, many factors should be considered first. One thing to look at is your comfort preference. Indeed, knowing yourself is the best thing to start this mattress journey. Comfort can also come in different forms, shapes, and styles. Your sleeping position is what you commonly prefer when at sleep.

You may be unaware, but we do use specific positions while enjoying our mattress and rest. It is best to explore and know these sleeping positions as it equates to excellent comfort. Each sleeping position requires specific needs. Thus, we will discuss the different sleeping positions and the best mattress types you can get for yourself.

Side Sleeping Position

Side sleeping position is probably one of the most common and popular positions for sleepers. That means many people enjoy the comfort of sleeping sideways. For sleep scientists, it is known as the lateral sleeping position. If you snore during sleep or know someone who does, this position can give you better sleep. Furthermore, side sleeping also helps for good digestion.

Sleeping on your sides can create pressure on your hips and shoulders. Thus, one must have the proper mattress types to relieve body pressures. You might need a deep layer of memory foam. Memory foams are known because of their contour feeling and comfort. A soft to medium-firm mattress is also recommended for adequate support. The best beds available in the market today can surely provide you with various choices you’ll surely enjoy.

Back Sleeping Position

We commonly start our rest with a bit of thinking of how we spent the day. For sure, we go to bed, stretch, and spend a little time resting our bodies while lying on our backs. But did you know that sleeping on your back provides health benefits to your body? It protects your spine, hip, and knee from pressure and pain. Furthermore, it can also help you achieve proper spine alignment.

What would be the best mattress for back sleepers? It is recommended for back sleepers to get a medium-firm to a firm mattress. One great choice is the hybrid mattress. It offers a combination of comfort layers and the support of a spring coil system for the base. This mattress type is the best choice for enough body support. Additionally, it is also a big help in conforming to the spine, neck, and head.

Stomach Sleeping Position

This sleeping position is probably one of the not-so-popular ones for sleepers. The stomach sleeping position is also called the prone position. Like the side sleeping position, it can also ease snoring. But one should also be aware that sleeping in this position can cause pressure in the neck and spine. As a result, sleepers can experience pains and aches in similar areas. Furthermore, it can also affect the natural alignment of the spine.

Thus, choosing the right mattress for stomach sleepers’ specific needs is necessary to avoid worse problems. If you are finding the best choice for a stomach sleeping position, you can opt for a medium-firm to a firm latex mattress. A latex mattress is best known for its eco-friendly material and cushion comfort. You can also try using a thin or no pillow to reduce pressure on your neck while at rest.

Combination Sleeping Position

Combination sleepers are commonly referred to as people who enjoy sleeping in more than one position. It could be one enjoying a back position, and in the following hours, they tossed around and found comfort in a side or stomach sleeping position. A lot of people would surely agree that moving around the mattresses to find comfort is satisfying. Thus, a lot of people are technically combination sleepers.

The right mattress firmness for these sleepers may depend on their weight. Soft to medium-soft mattresses are best for lighter or average-weight sleepers. In contrast, medium to medium firms are for sleepers with average weight. On the other hand, firmer mattresses are the best choice for heavier ones. One can get a foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid mattress for better and quality overall sleep.

How To Buy a Mattress

After checking what sleeping position you commonly use, it is now time to decide and consider every option available. The first thing you can do is to look for different mattress brands and compare their prices. You can set a flexible budget to help yourself get the desired mattress for your needs. Reading and understanding each product description can also help you understand its pros and cons.


Whatever it is that you want to choose, it is vital that it coincides with your preference. The things we mentioned above are just guidelines. Knowing what’s best for each sleeping position can be an advantage to getting the most appropriate mattress type and firmness. Ask yourself, is your mattress comfortable? If not, look back and explore what makes you feel comfortable the most, and other steps will follow.

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