6 great reasons to buy from Australia’s number 1 choice for custom stickers


It’s time to relax after an exhausting day, satisfied that you have got the hotel where you were recently appointed as manager of going in the right direction. The reason the job was advertised was that the previous incumbent was making such a mess of the role and was asked to depart.

It soon became apparent that while things had got into a bit of a mess, it was more down to laziness than any major flaws. One thing that you immediately picked up on was the apathy among staff and the tardiness of the signage and general cleanliness around the place. You sorted that within your first few days by contacting the number 1 choice for stickers Australia wide for 6 great reasons.

  1. A colleague in the industry pointed you in the right direction, and his judgement backed up the testimonials on the website. You were given superb customer service, with your orders being ready within a couple of days allowing you to crack on with the job and make an immediate impact once the hotel had received a thorough clean.
  2. The standard of the stickers was superb, as they consisted of photographic quality, were all weatherproof and UV resistant, and comprised of eco-friendly printing, meaning that you were doing your bit for the planet as well as the local economy and its employees by choosing to go to a company that is Australian owned with its goods locally produced. You were so confident of the makeover helped by the stickers that you planned to invest in a trade show display.
  3. The previous signage was aging and looked a real mess with no consistency to it. Like they were produced as and when it suited without any plan. This was immediately solved as the company you chose provided free artwork design so that you could go forward with a marketing and branding strategy at the same time.
  4. Warning and danger signs caused you the most worry, so you wanted them sorting as a priority to avoid possible litigation from guests. Following that you could concentrate more on aesthetics in each room. The clear stickers were just the perfect way to make the bedrooms look tidy and cared for, adding a little bit of class by displaying information in the corner of a window in each room.
  5. While you could order some of the stickers and labels in quantities of 100, there was no worrying about storage for larger stock as they came printed on rolls, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your free time with a stroll by the river.
  6. There was no concern about ordering stickers for outside the building, as you could obtain them with high adhesive, and able to handle any of the four seasons in a day Melbourne is famous for.

Buying stickers from expert designers and producers with a large base of satisfied customers was the ideal solution to smartening up your hotel and giving that professional touch of class which attracts guests.

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