How Smartphones and Other Gadgets Are Affecting Studying in College


With the rapid development of technology, the number of college students using their gadgets has drastically increased. While some learners take maximum advantage of their smartphones, increasing their progress at college, others enjoy unlimited entertainment opportunities they offer.

Consequently, the discussion about allowing smartphones in class is still on. How can it affect college students? Is the use of technology helpful or dangerous for the educational process? If you have always been interested in the topic, here are several advantages and downsides of smartphone use at college. Check out the basic points before you make the final decision.

Pros of Gadgets in Class

There is hardly anyone who can deny that smartphones may be exceptionally beneficial and useful for students, advancing their educational possibilities to a completely new level. Phones and other devices offer several forms of communication, access to the Internet, navigation, and some other functions. As a result, it becomes easier to access necessary information, get indispensable “do my assignment online” help, and take maximum advantage of other experiences.

  • Social interaction. Socialization is, undeniably, one of the main goals and functions of smartphones and gadgets. Students who are not confident in class have an opportunity to use social media and some applications to build strong interaction skills and eliminate communication-induced stress. Additionally, smartphones provide students with a chance to exchange important information that will improve the quality of the learning process and help them succeed with challenging tasks and complicated projects.
  • Easy parent’s access. The use of gadgets in class is beneficial not only for teachers and learners but also for parents. They can easily contact the instructors and get detailed information about the academic progress of their children. Besides, it is necessary to mind possible family emergencies that require immediate communication.
  • An opportunity to find necessary information fast. Have you got another college assignment you have problems dealing with? Use your gadget to get desired speedypaper discounts and ask for professional assistance. Additionally, it is necessary to remember that modern technology helps research, analyze and conclude information much faster. Therefore, instead of spending hours in the library searching for the necessary book or encyclopedia, students can access the indispensable source in a matter of seconds.
  • In-class assistance with complicated tasks. Considering the opportunities gadgets offer, it is indispensable to mention their advantages for teachers and professors. Do you need to show a PowerPoint presentation or send important information to your students? It is the right time to choose a reliable platform to keep in touch with the class.

Cons of Smartphones for College Students

Apart from an unlimited number of benefits and possibilities smartphones provide, they may hide numerous significant pitfalls. According to the results of the most recent study, allowing gadgets in class may interfere with a student’s ability to focus, concentrate and learn. A smartphone may disturb the learning process, decreasing academic success and affecting performance. Additionally, there are several other risks you need to mind using a phone, tablet, or any other gadget in class.

  • Distraction from work. There is no way to deny that smartphones and other gadgets may be helpful and beneficial in certain instances. However, it is also inevitable to remember the negative impact they may have. First of all, the use of up-to-date devices may be too involving, which means you will get easily distracted from the educational process. Additionally, the gadgets will decrease your ability to perceive information, memorize it and produce.
  • Risk of cyberbullying. While some people are convinced that the distraction smartphones cause is the most devastating influence they can make, others understand that the digital world can be even more dangerous. Students can sometimes share compromising pictures, share inappropriate messages, and other content that will offend others. Thus, college students frequently become the sources and targets of cyberbullying.
  • Poor safety of devices. According to medical information, modern smartphones and other gadgets have no harmful risks to their users. Nevertheless, it is critical to mind the psychological dependence they may cause, as well as other potentially dangerous effects. Vision disorders, memory impairments, and other disorders may develop as a result of the continuous use of phones and other devices.
  • Exposure to inappropriate content and contacts. There is no way you control the information your children see online. Additionally, we all know that the Internet is filled with inappropriate content that can affect the outlook of the student and decrease their academic success.

When you can finally weigh all pros and cons of a mobile phone and the use of other gadgets, you have to make your choice. It is inevitable to remember that wise and responsible students can always get the maximum of the experience, avoiding possible pitfalls and downsides smartphones may hide. Choose modern technology as an opportunity to advance your academic success rather than just have fun.

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