Steps Involved In Shipping Goods To India From The USA


Now that the world is becoming a global platform where everyone is coming together to connect and walk toward success, communication between countries has increased significantly. Things like documents, packaged boxes, or electrical appliances are being transferred from one country to another. In this case, shipping to India has also increased significantly. It has been seen in the official records that about 130.839 million tonnes of cargo traffic have been handled at all the key ports of India combined.

There have been many contributors to this tremendous growth through all the latest facilities made available by shipment companies. This has also reduced the maximum possible delivery time with the fastest shipments. In India, Mumbai port, situated on the west coast, is considered the busiest port, handling all kinds of shipping packages and allowing the passage of large cargo ships. With their simple procedures, it has been effortless to ship anything to India, ranging from small-weight documents to heavy furniture and electrical appliances.

The steps involved in the shipping procedure:

Preparation of shipment:

Proper packaging of the items is necessary to get the parcel across international borders. There are specific guidelines given by each shipping company that must be followed by everyone, along with attaching proper labels to the package with complete details of the receiver, sender, and the items inside. This ensures safe passage throughout the journey, with the internal items remaining in place and the same condition as packed when received.

Get it to the local pickup point:

Once the items to transfer are packed and labeled correctly, the next step is getting the parcel up to the nearest pickup point of the shipping company and ensuring that everything about the parcel is in compliance with the shipping regulations laid down for shipping to India.

Some companies offer the service of pickup from the doorstep when such an appointment is made online. In such cases, all the details are filled over the web page and paid for in advance. Such prepaid labels are printed and handed over to the person at the doorstep along with the packaged parcel.

Understand guidelines for custom clearance:

Customs and freight for transport internationally differ and need to be adequately understood. It states the products or packages that can be transferred through the shipment. The charges for the different items differ per the officials’ rates and the box’s weight.
The law prohibits shipping maps, passports, precious jewelry, baby gender kits, and various other products in India. It needs to be considered while packaging the parcel.
One can also seek guidance from shipping companies regarding this over-phone surveillance.

Check for the tracking facility:

Ensure the shipping company you chose to send your parcel to India has a tracking facility. It makes it easy to know where your parcel is lying and how long it might take to reach the destination. It avoids miscommunication in case of doorstep delivery.

Know about the delivery at the destination:

When the parcel reaches the destination country, some companies provide the delivery service up to the doorstep, while some drop off the parcels at the company’s location in the destination country for further transport up to the nearest pickup point. Hence, you must know about these details to act accordingly.

Wrapping Up:

During the shipping process, choosing a provider that assures you of the safe transit of any package at affordable rates and within the possible minimum time is essential. Also, facilities like insurance, doorstep-to-doorstep service, and appropriate tracking are to be looked at for efficient delivery.

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