7 Steps to Make Your Working Space More Comfortable


Whether you are already working or still studying, you most likely have a specific place, whether it’s at school, home, dorm room, or office, where you do most of your tasks. That place is your working space and you can be surprised by how much it can influence your motivation, productivity, and success!

The place where you do your work, including the desk, chair, and everything else in the room all have an impact on your wellbeing. Depending on how well it’s organized, it can either contribute to your motivation and productivity or kill them. Besides, it can also influence your mood. Respectively, a poorly organized space can even boost stress levels.

make working space comfortable

Looking at all these facts, it becomes clear that the environment that surrounds you and your comfort play a big role in how well you perform. Thus, if you feel like you are underperforming, turn to essay helper EssayHub right now and spend the gained free time on improving your working space! Or if you are a professional, just take a day off to re-organize your space!

And, here are some of the handiest tips that will help you do it:

  1. Steer Clear of Clutter

What’d you think if you saw someone’s desk being incredibly messy? Well, such a person for sure looks a bit disorganized but there really is nothing so terrible about this, right? Think again! It doesn’t matter if your desk is located in the office, home, or dorm, if it is cluttered, you are actually killing your productivity.

It has been proven that desk clutter can significantly increase the levels of stress and anxiety. Respectively, when it makes you feel overwhelmed, it can’t possibly contribute to your productivity. It is especially true for students. Thus, the first tip for making your space more comfortable and ready for productive learning sessions is to get rid of the clutter. And if you can’t find time to do it, consider using a professional writing service https://essayservice.com/critical-essay-writing-service to take care of your assignments while you organize your desk.

  1. Invest in Quality Furniture

The desk and chair you are using during work or study sessions also play a large role in your comfort levels and success. Thus, the next thing you need to do to make your space comfy is to invest in the right furniture.

What to keep in mind when shopping for furniture for your working space? First of all, you should browse the options to pick something that will suit you in terms of ergonomics, durability, style, and other characteristics. And, most importantly, don’t go cheap!

Yes, we know that a budget can be limited, especially for students. But, you shouldn’t save on your workplace. We guarantee that many of you will feel a significant improvement in productivity and even overall wellbeing when you invest in quality and comfy furniture!

  1. Find the Right Lighting

One more thing that influences your moods and productivity is lighting. When it’s not bright enough or, on the contrary, too bright it can cause lots of distress and also have a harmful effect on your health (especially eyes). To minimize stress and ensure a higher level of comfort, tweak your lighting until it meets your needs. For example, try adding thicker curtains if it’s too bright. Or, if it’s too dark, consider investing in a quality desk lamp.

  1. Make Sure the Climate Is Right

Another thing that plays a big part in your concentration and productivity is the climate in the room. If it’s too hot or too cold, it can get pretty uncomfortable to get your tasks done.

This point is rather individual. Some people feel better and more concentrated when it’s rather cool, whereas others can’t stand cold and need their space to be warm and cozy. Thus, when tweaking the climate, keep in mind your personal preferences.

Pro Tip: Tweaking the climate can be somewhat tricky if you are working in the office. However, even if you can’t change the temperature in the entire building, you can always buy yourself a small desk fan or heater, depending on your needs.

right working climate

  1. Get Yourself Good Headphones

Some people can’t get anything done when it’s noisy around, whereas others find it rather distracting in complete silence. In both cases, you will need to do something about it. Whether you are working at home, office, or dorm, the easiest way to reduce or add noise is to use good headphones. Thus, this is a wise investment that you should really consider.

What kind of “noise” do you need? Well, this is absolutely up to you. For some, a background movie or TV show will do best, while others may want to stick to some music. If you aren’t sure which option will work best for you, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what will help you become your most productive self.

  1. Add Something Green

Plants and flowers on the desk and around the area are proven to improve the quality of air, optimize humidity levels, and, thus, can contribute to the overall focus, comfort, and productivity. Thus, one more tip we’d like to give you is to add some greens to your desk. The most important thing to remember is that fake plants won’t do a thing. You should really consider adding real, live flowers or plants if you want to get all the most benefits!

  1. Make It More “You”

Finally, the last tip we’d like to give you is to personalize your space. Nothing can make it as comfortable as a bit of personal touch!

The ideas for personalization are truly endless. You can start with some tiny details and accessories like pictures, stationery goods, posters, and so on. Once again, feel free to experiment until you find something that works well for you!

Final Words

If you are still not investing time and money in organizing your perfect workplace, you are missing plenty of opportunities! After all, this is a place where you spend a huge part of all your time, so there is no wonder why it can have such a huge impact on you.

Hopefully, the tips we gave you will help you turn your environment into a perfect place for studying and working!

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