Should I renovate or replace my staircase?


Lockdown restrictions have finally started to ease and, for many of us, it brings longed-for opportunities to socialise with friends – albeit outside and at a social distance.

Whilst we’re not allowed to welcome loved ones into our homes just yet, it’s hoped that the “rule of six” will be abolished for outdoor gatherings, and two households will be able to mix indoors, from the 17th May. But hold on a minute…that’s not too far away!

If your home isn’t ready to receive visitors, now is the time to make the necessary tweaks and changes. And given that the staircase is likely to be the first thing people will see when you open the door to them – either to invite them inside for a cuppa or just to chat on the doorstep – you want to make sure it’s looking its best. You can find many staircase ideas on the internet that will help you to design and visualize staircase structures and designs.

This begs the question, should you refurbish your stairs with a few new staircase parts or is it time to replace your tired staircase completely?

Before you make any hasty decisions, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider renovating and the reasons why you should swap your old set of stairs for something new.

3 reasons to renovate your stairs

  1. Minimal disruption – is your staircase structurally sound? Are you happy with the design, and just looking to spruce things up a little? Then why waste your time starting from scratch?

When staircases are stable and well-structured, renovations can be completed with ease and minimal hassle. Instead of replacing the whole thing, you could swap the handrail for a new one, or even just add a new lick of paint to transform the look of your stairs.

  1. Unhappy with the appearance – gone off the colour of your stairs? Perhaps you’ve recently redecorated the hallway and they no longer suit the décor? Not to worry – you’d be surprised how much of a difference minor tweaks can make to both the staircase and the room it sits in.

Many people add glass to their balustrade as it brings in a lot of natural light and can create the illusion of more space and openness.

  1. On a budget – if you want to update the look of your staircase but have to tighten your belt, a renovation is ideal.

Although a full replacement will completely switch up the appearance of your stairs – creating a brand new focal point – if done properly, renovations can achieve impressive results too and for a fraction of the cost of a new staircase.

3 reasons to replace your stairs

  1. Damages – if your stairs are damaged beyond repair, and no amount of strengthening or repair work will fix them, replacing your staircase is the safest option.

Not only will it remove the unsightly appearance of damaged stair parts or ‘quick fixes’, but it will also provide you with the peace of mind that your stairs are safe to use – both for your family and any visitors.

  1. Your property is old – in older listed and period houses, staircases tend not to suit the needs of the modern homeowner. In some cases, they are too narrow or steep and need replacing with a more practical alternative.

Opting to replace the entire structure will enable you to create a staircase that is functional and in keeping with the latest trends.

  1. Cost-effective – although renovating a flight of stairs can save you money on a full replacement, you need to be realistic. If you need to replace almost all of the stair parts, it could cost you more in the long term.

Therefore, it makes more sense to replace the whole thing. And the best bit? You can design it – ensuring that it will complement your interior perfectly and fit neatly in your house.

After assessing the reasons for both, you should now have a better idea of whether you need to replace or renovate your staircase.

However, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with Pear Stairs. They are experts when it comes to staircases and stock an extensive range of stair parts – perfect for renovations. They also have an online Staircreator which allows you to create your ideal staircase and will provide an instant quote.

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