How to Uninstall BetterDiscord from Discord


BetterDiscord is used to Enhance your existing Discord dashboard, Modify the appearance, and offer various customizations. It is widely used by Discord users. However, Recently, Discord stated in one of its tweets, All Modifications were done to the server are illegal and they should be removed from discord servers otherwise your server will be banned. In this tutorial, we will discuss the various steps required to successfully Uninstall BetterDiscord from Discord on Windows and Mac.

Discord is a free chat server offering website that is mainly used by gamers for communication between gameplay. It lets you have your own chat room with a bunch of friends for better communication through text as well as Voice chat. With the rise of the Gaming Industry, Discord quickly became popular among gamers, and today, It is used by all sorts of people from Freelancers to companies. Tech companies and Digital services use Discord as a support system where they invite all their users to discuss various issues they face while using the product.

Earlier, It was difficult to communicate in a group as there was no specific platform. Fortunately, With Discord, everything changed and today we can see various people and services offering their discussion chat room on Discord.

Why Should I Uninstall BetterDiscord?

When it comes to using third-party options on Discord, BetterDiscord ranks #1 on the list. This is mainly because of the options it offers in the form of Plugins and Themes.

When you visit BetterDiscord, there are dozens of different plugins and themes available on the repo that will help you customize your server and increase productivity. Unfortunately, According to Discord, “All Modifications to the server are illegal and if ignored, It might lead to permanent ban“. It’s recommended to remove BetterDiscord or any other third-party modification from your server to avoid further complications.

Complications with BetterDiscord

Currently, The BetterDiscord team has disabled the support for plugins and themes, You can read more about it on its official Discord server. Many people reported, Discord Screen Appearing Blank, Discord not opening, and various other issues with Discord that are mainly caused by some Bug or corrupt code in BetterDiscord.

Uninstalling BetterDiscord

It is quite technical when it comes to uninstalling BetterDiscord from your system. The user is required to remove all folders related to BetterDiscord, Otherwise, they might face errors while opening Discord again. To make this task easy, We have listed a few tested and working methods that will help you to remove Betterdiscord from Discord on Windows and Mac.

Method 1: Remove BetterDiscord Using AppData

BetterDiscord can easily be removed from your system by simply deleting its folder from AppData.

Step 1

Go to the Windows Search bar and type “Run” to open the Run Dialog box. Similarly, You can also press the “Windows + R” Key on your keyboard to launch the Dialog box.

windows search bar

Step 2

Type in “%AppData%” (Without quotes) in the Run Dialog box and hit enter.

uninstall betterdiscord

Step 3

Right-click the BetterDiscord Folder and Select “Delete” from the list.

Step 4

Again open the Run Dialog box by pressing “Windows + R” and type “%localappdata%”, hit Enter.

uninstall betterdiscord from discord

Step 5

Go to Discord >> >> resources >> node modules and delete the BetterDiscord folder. Go back to the resources folder and delete the folder named App. Using this method you can uninstall BetterDiscord from your Discord chatbox.

Method 2: Reinstalling Discord Application

If you face any problem while performing the above method, You can try an alternate way by reinstalling the Discord Application on your system.

Step 1

Go to the Windows search bar and type “Settings“, select the first option to launch Windows Settings options. Select Apps from the list and scroll through the different apps to locate Discord.

remove betterdiscord using windows settings

Step 2

Click the Discord option and select Uninstall. Wait for the Uninstaller to open and follow the uninstall wizard to remove the Discord app and all its components from your PC.

Step 3

Go to the official download page on Discord and download the install file on your computer. Double-click the file name and follow the instructions to install Discord. This will automatically remove BetterDiscord from the Discord Application.

download discord mac

Uninstalling BetterDiscord on Mac

Unlike Windows, To remove BetterDiscord, you have to uninstall the Discord Application from your Mac. This way, your system will automatically remove any file or folder associated with it.

Step 1

Go to the Applications folder on your Mac by clicking finder and selecting the Applications option from the left pane.

uninstall betterdiscord mac

Step 2

Scroll through the Applications list and find Discord. Right-click the Discord icon and select “Move to Trash“.

Step 3

Visit the Download Page on Discord and download the Latest Discord Application available for Mac. Once installed, Open the Discord Application again to check if BetterDiscord is completely removed from your system.

download discord mac


It might look hard but if you follow all the steps correctly, you can successfully uninstall BetterDiscord from your Computer. you might face some technical issues such as the Appdata folder is not found, In such cases, Try uninstalling the Discord Application from your PC and reinstall it.

We Hope you were successfully able to Remove the Better Discord Application. If you face any issue, let us know by commenting below. Also if you have any further questions or queries regarding BetterDiscord, Ask them in the comments.

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