What Is a CAF Number?


A CAF number is a unique nine-digit ID pointing to an individual’s centralized authorization file. The IRS assigns a CAF number when someone submits Form 2848 or 8821.

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Benefits of Having a CAF Number

The CAF is a government body that helps families in France by offering various benefits such as creche and halted galleries, family allowances, and pregnancy benefits. The system can seem confusing for those unfamiliar with French culture, but signing up and receiving the support you need is relatively easy.

The IRS uses the CAF to record third-party authorizations, giving it more accessible access to information about a taxpayer without having to ask the individual for documents. This makes it a valuable tool for tax professionals. It is also possible to withdraw authorizations from the CAF using the existing instructions on Form 2848.

The CAF’s property and assets are exempt from all types of restrictions, regulations, control measures, and moratoria to enable it to fulfill its mission and operate effectively. The CAF’s properties and assets are also free of national security measures to facilitate international mobility.

Getting a CAF Number

CAF number is a unique nine-digit identification number the IRS assigns to individuals the first time they file a third-party authorization with the agency. It acts as a pointer to the centralized file for all the charges established for that individual. However, the CAF number does not indicate that a person is recognized or authorized to practice before the IRS.

Individuals should always use their assigned CAF number on all future powers of attorney and tax information authority requests. They can do this by submitting Form 2848 or Form 8821, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, with the same name as they are listed on their CAF number.

It is also a good idea to regularly submit CAF77 requests. This allows the practitioner to view a listing of all the current authorizations for their clients. The practitioner can then easily withdraw the charges that are no longer needed.

Keeping Your CAF Number Safe

If you’re a tax resolution professional, keeping your CAF number current is essential. This nine-digit number is assigned to a preparer the first time they file third-party authorization with the IRS. Once a person has a CAF number, they must use it on future forms.

The CAF is a government body that helps families with a variety of benefits & services such as early childhood care, creche & halted galleries, school meals, education, holidays, family allowances, pregnancy benefits, and housing benefits. You can get an idea of how much you might be entitled to using the online calculator.

To keep your CAF number up to date, you should regularly submit a CAF77 listing of all current IRS authorizations in effect for you. This will help you remove any that are no longer needed. You can do this by filing Form 2848 or Form 8821. The IRS will then send you a list of all their third-party designations on record for your CAF number.

Keeping Your CAF Number Secure

The IRS has several ways to keep your personal information secure. One of these is using a CAF number when filing documents with the agency. Keeping your CAF number safe is essential because it helps the IRS identify you and ensures only authorized representatives can access your personal information.

Upon entering the third-party name in ADD3P, research CC RPINK to determine if an assigned CAF number already exists for this representative/designee (for example, attorney, CPA, or EA). If research indicates that a CAF number already exists, an error message will display on IDRS: “CAF Number NNNN-NNNNNR already established for Representative/Designee.”

If the TIN and the corresponding CAF number are the same, proceed with processing the request. If the TIN is different and proper research reveals that it is the correct taxpayer, update the CAF number. Do not use the TIN displayed on Line 1 of the request as the CAF number.

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