What Sunglasses Are The Best for Fishing or Sailing?


In this article, we will be talking about the best sunglasses for sailing and fishing. You may not think you’re participating in the same sport, yet you’re both on a boat and on the water. I’m sure that’s what people do when they sail or fish, or even when they sail and fish at the same time. There are some fundamental things that you need from your eyewear.

Right Frame Choice

Number one is the right frames, of course, and dual bar sunglasses are a fantastic example of a good pair of fishing or sailing sunglasses. Why is that?

  • You’ve got perfect coverage both from the top to the bottom and the sides; many people don’t realize this, but water doesn’t only reflect UV; it intensifies it.
  • It would help if you had your sunglasses to cover as much as possible to prevent any UV permeating around the edges. That’s not just to protect your eyes’ health but also to protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

Never Compromise on Eye Protection

UV rays are the primary cause of skin cancer around the eyes, and skin cancer around the eyes is the most common form of skin cancer. So, it is something that you pay attention to eye protection.

  1. Number one is the protection sunglasses give you. Look for UV 500 sunglasses. These are labeled on the packaging the sunglasses come in and it’s absolutely essential that purchase sunglasses that come with a high level of UV protection so that you can fish & sail at leisure without your eye health compromised!
  2. You have to get polarized sunglasses. For those who don’t know, a polarized lens is a filter and what it filters explicitly out is glare. Now glare is generated whenever sunlight reflects off a smooth surface like water or the road. So, the polarized film in a polarized lens will take away 100% of glare. That makes a massive difference compared to ordinary sunglass lenses. For many people, it’s beneficial, but for a sailor or a fisherman, it’s essential. If you’re a fisherman, by the way, it’s handy to have polarized lenses because what they allow you to do is see beneath the water’s surface. Because they take away that surface-level glare. You can see the fish beneath the wave. You can see a lot further into the water with a polarized lens than you can with a regular tinted lens.

What Sunglasses Should You Get for Fishing or Sailing?

An excellent example of polarized lenses are photochromic polarized sunglasses. With the virtual try-on glasses tool at SmartBuyGlasses, you can discover your ideal sunglasses. The advantage is that it starts at this light brown or grey  tint, and it’ll get progressively darker as the conditions get brighter. So, if you’re out in the water and the sun’s beaming down on you, these lenses will block more of the sun than any other lenses in the world. But if you go into the cabin, for example, or if the clouds come, it will fade back to this kind of color, and you can still see. You’ve still got good visibility, so you’ll never have to take your sunglasses off. You can just put them on and forget about them, and they’re going to be doing the job all the time. Moreover, these types of sunglasses can also have prescription added to them, making for a one step and done as you get ready for a fun day out!

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