Why are biometric attendance systems better than other monitoring methods?


Since we could only mark employees’ attendance with a pen and paper, a long time has passed. Due to the omnipresence of technology, the attendance marking system has become more reliable and prone to buddy punching. It is almost impossible to deceive a biometric attendance system using your fingerprints, face palm, or DNA. Why are biometric attendance systems better than other monitoring methods?

What are biometric attendance systems?

In recent years, biometric attendance systems have become more and more of a reality in our everyday lives. The system you can find at www.ncheck.net, scans an employee’s face, fingerprint or iris to identify them and record their attendance. It works efficiently, preventing fraud and incorrect attendance recording. It’s the best alternative to timecards, fobs or registers.

What are the advantages of biometric attendance systems?

  1. High Accuracy

Biometric attendance systems use a wide range of biometric markers which make it almost impossible or at least extremely difficult to fake their attendance, preventing the risk of buddy punching, possible with timecards or registers. It’s also possible for a group of workers to be identified thanks to multiple biomarkers, even when they wear masks.

2. Prevention of fraudulent attendance recording

Using a biometric attendance system efficiently prevents employees trying time theft or buddy punching, which are possible with a register of timecards. Time theft should be avoided both to avoid losing money and to show that such behavior can be easily detected and punished.

Business owners should know that buddy punching, which involves scanning your absent colleague’s timecard, costs US businesses $373 million every year.  It’s not possible when biometric attendance systems are used.

3. A boost in morale and an increase in accountability

Biometric attendance systems make it quite easy to track lazy employees, who take too long breaks, are constantly lazy, or leave early to punish them. The key to increasing the morale of the employees is to reward those who are hardworking while respecting their working hours. In addition, poorly performing employees may be assigned to a group of similar employees as a rehabilitation measure.

4. Simplifying payroll

The automated process of attendance registration, tracking the working hours for the purpose of payroll is simplified. NCheck biometric attendance system works well with payroll software and Services.

Are biometric attendance systems better than other monitoring methods?

Yes, that’s correct. Time and money can be saved, time fraud and buddy punching can be prevented, as well as reward and punishment systems can be managed. Click here to learn more about the advantages of biometric time attendance systems.

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