The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support


If you run a small business, it can be hard juggling the many different tasks that you need to worry about. You may not have dedicated teams within your organization that will look after aspects of your business such as IT support.

If you’re overwhelmed with worrying about your IT needs, you may want to consider outsourcing IT support to a third-party.

There are many great benefits of outsourced IT support, but what are they?

Let’s take a look at IT support outsourcing and how it can benefit your small business.

Outsourcing IT Support Frees Up Your Time and Resources

Keeping business expenses down is often the name of the game when you run a small business. Finding the resources or the money to have your own IT support team in-house can be difficult.

When this is the case, it may fall into the hands of an unqualified team member to manage your IT needs. When this happens, it often means that your team is not doing its own job effectively. They may be spending all of their time on your IT needs.

The types of IT task your team will carry out will include making sure everyone has working logins, that systems are kept up-to-date, and making sure that there are adequate security measures in place.

Often though, when there is not any in-house IT tech support a reactive style of IT management is adopted. This can not only cost you more in the long-run, but it may put your cybersecurity at risk.

By using IT support companies, you’ll be able to free up both time and resources. This means that your team can work on the tasks they should be doing, leading to a more productive business.

IT Support Companies Keep Your Business Safe

Did you know that the average cybersecurity attack costs businesses around $200,000? This is enough to put many smaller companies out of business. All businesses are at risk of attack. You must therefore protect yourself.

There are several sectors that really need to be concerned with cybersecurity. If you handle financial information, personnel data, or medical records, you are at risk of a data breach.

In the event of an attack of this nature, IT support companies will be able to assist you with damage limitation. Often, outsourced IT support companies will offer disaster recovery as part of their packages.

How to Outsource IT Support

You can outsource your IT needs to a company such as An IT company will carry out duties on your behalf. The types of tasks that an outsourced IT company will generally handle include:

  • Carrying out updates
  • Monitoring your systems 24/7
  • Providing disaster recovery support
  • Providing on-call support
  • Carrying out regular security audits

Often, this can be paid for monthly and it doesn’t cost the earth.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

There are several key benefits of outsourcing IT support. External IT support frees up your time and allows you to manage your resources better. It also helps you to protect your business from cyberattack.

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