Top 11 Best Free Online Video Editors


Do you know that video-based content is shared more on social media than text and images combined? With short video formats being in trend, video sharing platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, Reels, and others have compelled people to spend hours watching videos. With the mushrooming of video-sharing platforms, it is not just the domain of professionals.

Nowadays, a number of individuals are also making their videos. Be it a social media influencer, marketer, or vlogger, anyone who has to make videos needs a good video editor. Editing software is broadly categorized into two types: online and offline video editor. In this blog, we will discuss the best free online video editor to make eye-catching videos for your brand and social sites.


It is one of the most sought after tools when it comes to making marketing and business videos. With InVideo, you will get access to a huge library of clips, audio, music, transitions, animations, and so on. The tool is best-in-class for its user interface, utility, customer satisfaction, and the features it offers.

InVideo is a simple video editing platform and equally useful for new users and professionals. Some of the highlights of InVideo are a quality audio tool, text overlay function, speed adjustment of videos, support for HD resolution, video stabilization, and so on.


If you are in need of an easy-handling video editor for carrying out your day-to-day editing tasks, Clipchamp is the best-suited one for you. The only requisite for running the tool is to have the latest version of the Chrome browser. With Clipchamp, you can easily do basic editing like flipping the video, mirroring, trimming, cropping, adjusting the color, and so on.

Online Video Cutter

It happens quite often that you just need to cut some unwanted clips out of your videos or do just basic things like cropping and all. In such cases, the Online Video Cutter can be a handy tool for you. For the smooth running of the software, you just need to add it in the browser extension and update the Flash Player to the latest version. Online Video Cutter supports uploading files up to 500 MB and can be uploaded from Drive or any external source.


Although WeVideo is an online video editing tool, it is well-equipped for serious users like those who are looking to make a professional video for business purposes. WeVideo has both premium and free versions. In the free version, you can have a storage of up to 1GB and can export your videos in 480p resolution.

With the premium version, you will get a huge media library as well as advanced editing features like slip transformation and green screen, along with the option to add custom branding and voiceovers.


If you are fond of animation and cartoons & wish to add those in your videos, too, PowToon is the video editing tool to look out for. With PowToon, you can even spice up your boring and plain business videos. But the tool is not just restricted to making cartoon videos; you can create dazzling videos with the software as well. With the free version of the tool, you can create 45-second videos only. However, it can work as wonders it utilized smartly. The app is quite useful for startups, educators, and bloggers.


With Magisto, you can create magical videos to mesmerize your viewers in almost no time. In Magisto, editing can be done in three simple steps. The first one is adding the clip, followed by picking an appropriate theme, and the last one is adding the soundtrack. And you are all done! Magisto is like a wizard that can do most of the daunting tasks for you, and you will get eye-catching final edits in the minimum time possible.


Looking for a powerful desktop video editor? Lightworks is a tool that you must check out. Loaded with advanced features, Lightworks’ free version is enough to take on most of the editing tasks for you. Along with Multicam support, advanced video trimming, image overlay, and green screen support, it is an app that you will be glad to find.

Wave Online Video Editor

Wave Online Video Editor has been developed especially for entrepreneurs and startups. With an extensive media library along with a number of templates to choose from, the tools can be a weapon in the hand of a professional editor. You can sign-up for free and can also upload your clips and videos in the storage space provided in the software. Wave Online Video Editor is well-equipped to take on all your editing tasks, whether it’s ads, social media posts, or event promotion.


In most of the video editors offering free services, the biggest drawback is the bundled watermark on the final edit. Kapwing offers quality video editing without watermarking them. You will have to buy premium plans in most of the editors for removing the watermark nut, not in Kapwing.

However, the file size limit in Kapwing is up to 500 MB, and it can be stored for a period of 7 days only. With Kapwing, you can do basic editing tasks like trimming, cutting, slicing along with advanced features like adding subtitles, green screen, and so on.

HitFilm Express

If you are someone who is just starting out in the field of video editing, HitFilm Express is an app that has a pretty clean UI and offers both basic and advanced features that can be useful for new users. The free package of the software includes around 200 special effects to get started with. Here, you will also get a dedicated YouTube upload button for directly uploading your videos to the largest video sharing platform in a single click. But that’s not all. HitFilm Express has advanced features as well, including audio and video filters, 3D support, animations, and so on, for you to make quality videos.


Freemake is not only a video editor but also a tool that can convert your videos into multiple formats that can be accessed easily on several devices. The tool can convert your videos into more than 500 different formats. It also supports 4K resolution and has quite a handy user interface.


Lastly, there are a number of other video editing software available in the market as well. We have just listed the topmost ones here. Most of these are free and are well-equipped to take on any editing task that you throw at them.

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