How to Perform a Chrome Virus Scan


You must have seen Google Chrome blocking some files from downloading on your Computer, this is mainly because google Chrome has an in-built malware scanner that works on AI. this scanner can scan the incoming downloads and determine its safety level. Once determined, it then decides, whether to allow or block the download of that file. This is done in order to protect you from any malware and other viruses.

Google Chrome has been in the market for a while now, You can find this browser on almost any Computer, Mobile, or Tablet. Although Chrome has gained its popularity because of some other reasons, Chrome always says, it’s top priority still remains user security.

The in-built Scanner can scan almost any downloaded file, It still faces to work like an Advanced Malware scanner software like Avast or AVG. However, by doing some changes in the Advanced Settings of Chrome, We can make it work just like a normal scanner and scan our entire browser for a virus check.

Perform Chrome Virus Scan

The Virus scanner tool on chrome is called Cleanup. This tool will help you to Scan harmful Softwares on your Computer and remove them.

To Perform a Chrome Virus Scan, Open Google Chrome, and go to menu >> Settings. Click on Advanced settings >> Clean up Computer. On the following screen, click the “find” button to start the Scan.

Below is a detailed representation of the Chrome Virus Scan with Screenshots.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your system, Click three-dots in the top-right corner to open the menu. Select the Settings option.

chrome menu

Step 2: In the Settings tab, Scroll down and click on the “Advanced” button.

Advanced chrome settings

Step 3: Under the Advanced settings option, scroll down and click the Clean Up Computer button.

Step 4: On the Find Harmful Software screen, Click the find button to scan your computer for viruses. We recommend you to keep the checkbox unchecked to protect your personal data from being sent to Google.

Step 5: Wait until the scan is complete. If Chrome finds any harmful software, It will prompt and notify you to remove it.

Step 6: Just click the Remove button and once everything is done, Restart your computer.

How to Remove Virus from Google Chrome

If you think, your browser is infected with some virus or spyware or some ad popup extension. You can reset your Chrome browser back to default and get rid of all such issues.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser on your PC and click the menu option, select Settings.

chrome menu

Step 2: Under settings, scroll down until you find Advanced and click it to open the Advanced settings menu.

Advanced chrome settings

Step 3: Again scroll down to the bottom and click “Restore Settings to their default”

reset google chrome to factory settings

Step 4: On the following screen, a Popup will appear to ask for additional confirmation.

chrome virus scan

We recommend you to uncheck the box which says “Help make Chrome better by reporting the current settings”. this way you can protect your personal data from Google.

Once the reset process is done, Chrome will relaunch the browser and reset your Search engine, Startup Page, Disable all extensions, and clear cookies and cache files.

Final Words!

It is important to note that, Chrome cleanup tool only works when invoked and it does not provide a real-time scan like professional antivirus programs. Also, the cleanup tool is exclusively available for Windows users. Mac and Linux users can’t find this option on their PC.

Please let us know if you have any questions or queries regarding the Chrome Virus Scan program.

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