Not My Email: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Emails Pass Through the Spam Filter


It’s time for you to launch your brand-new email campaign. A week after sending the messages, you’ve barely gotten any purchases on your product. This could be because the people on your email list weren’t interested.

It could also be because your email didn’t bypass the spam filter. Not that many people go searching in their spam folder looking for emails so, they missed it.

There’s a very specific list of dos and don’ts that you have to follow when sending emails. Something as simple as putting one too many exclamation points in your message will label it as spam.

Keep reading to learn what you have to do to get your messages out to your adoring public.

Don’t Buy Email Lists

You venture onto a forum that promises to grow your email list by the millions in no time flat for only a little bit of money. Sounds good right? Wrong.

The thing about these forums is that they just give you a lot of random emails. You could get disposable addresses that aren’t linked to an actual person. You can go here to learn more about disposable temporary emails but, the basic rule of thumb is you don’t want your messages going to them.

Even if your emails do go to an actual person, the server will find out that it’s from someone who purchased a list.

Not only will your message go straight into the receiver’s spam folder, but your reputation will drop.To avoid this problem, work to compile a healthy email list a bit more manually. After you have your list you can use an email-to-SMS service in order to ensure your email messages are received. All you have to do is send an email and have it received as a text message. This way, you can avoid using email addresses that might bounce, and instead send your email directly to your customers as an SMS.

Make Sure Your Sender Name is Recognizable

The average person receives so many emails every day that they have no idea which ones are appropriate to open. They don’t want to open up spam emails and get bombarded by ads and malware. Everyone is on guard at all times.

This being said, you should make sure your messages are sent under your personal name and brand. The user will be more likely to recognize you and read your message this way.

Watch Your Wording

Certain words will trigger a person’s spam blocker. Phrases such as free, promo, prize, or buy are a huge no-no. It’s almost certain that your message will end up in spam folders if you use them.

A single exclamation mark can show that you’re excited to share a product with a customer. Using more than that is a bit overkill. There’s a good chance that it will get flagged.

You don’t have to shout at your potential clients to get your point across. Using caps lock on a word or two is fine, but like with the exclamation mark, you don’t want to overdo it. Never capitalize an entire line of text.

Bypass the Spam Filter

It’s never fun to compose a marketing email only to realize that it’s ended up in everyone’s spam folders. There are so many things that can trigger the spam filter that it’s unreal. Learn to navigate your way around the world of email marketing to make sure your customers see what you have to offer.

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