How Serious Are Spinal Injuries?


Valdosta is a beautiful place to live. It is well known for its education industry and has some of the best schools and universities. Hence, it is home to several doctors and engineers. It’s a beautiful city in South Georgia and has some of the best physical therapists for people suffering from muscle or similar injuries.

Having said that, if someone has been struggling with their spinal injury for months, they can get the injury treated by a top physical therapist Valdosta GA. A spinal cord injury can be worse than one thinks. If it is injured, it damages the nearby bones and tissues as well. Also, in some instances, based on the severity of the injury, the patient can lose mobility and function in different parts of the body.

If a person has been experiencing discomfort for a long time and was diagnosed with a spinal injury a few days or even months back, consider getting a checkup.

How Can A Spinal Injury Affect The Body?

The injury can cause the body to stop essential functioning. No matter what kind of injury a person has had or is suffering from, in such a situation, the nerves of the body will not be able to communicate with the brain. When they have some problem in the spinal cord, it can cause several other problems and will affect the body in the following ways:

  • Heart rate.
  • Muscle movement.
  • Functioning of the bowel and the bladder.
  • Sensations.
  • Reflexes.

And many more similar conditions are a result of spinal injury. If a person is suffering from any of these, it is time to consult an expert practitioner at the earliest. They should also know that a spinal cord injury is different from a back injury.

Spinal cord injuries can be classified into several types to better understand the level of injury they are suffering.

Besides being home to beautiful scenery, physical therapists in Valdosta help patients recover from such injuries.

The two types of spinal cord injuries are: complete and incomplete or partial.

  • Complete: A person who suffers a complete spinal injury gets paralyzed. The body parts below the level of the injury stop functioning and can affect both sides of the body. It can paralyze all four limbs in a human or damage the body’s lower part.
  • Partial or Incomplete: If a person experiences an incomplete injury, a few functions remain on a few body parts. Certain pathways are left for the body and the brain to communicate with each other.

A lot of causes result in damaging the spinal cord, and as a result, a person can go through any of the discomfort or situation stated above. We hence recommend contacting an expert therapist so that they can suggest the best possible cure.

The Bottom Line

A strong support system is a vital requirement for a person dealing with spinal injury. Physiotherapists also come to the rescue, and they help a patient with exercises to ensure their body parts do not stop functioning. Also, regular exercising may help in making the condition a bit better to some extent. When one visits Valdosta to see the best physical therapists, their visit will be worthwhile.

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