Casino with the Best Bitcoin Dice Faucet


Casino faucets are a typical sight of gambling providers. Essentially, you’re offered a small, but regular streak of crypto in exchange for staying on the website, for the most part. This allows you to continue betting, increase the stakes or bounce back for a rematch. Either way, it’s beneficial to all.

Many users go as far as exploring the best faucet options out there. They compile lists of what Bitcoin dice faucet is the best, which slot faucet is better, and so forth. They take different forms, but there are several common types of faucets on these platforms. We’ll take care to go over all of them.


Betfury is a well-known crypto casino that provides betting on sports in addition to dice, slots, and other casino games.

It’s a classic example of a passive faucet that provides a certain amount of cryptocurrency once in a while. In this instance, you are given a small number of Satoshi (a small fraction of Bitcoin) every 20 minutes just for staying with Betfury. You don’t have to do anything else, it just keeps flowing. That’s why they call these mechanisms faucets.

This type is the most common, but other approaches also exist.


Trustdice is one of the biggest crypto casinos out there. They provide dice, casino and sports bets here, with dice being the center of focus on the platform.

They don’t have a faucet as such. Most faucets give you some money just for staying with the provider, but what they do is offer a list of reliable faucets for currencies they support. These faucets are located on the official websites of these respective cryptocurrencies, which means you can reliably mine them and withdraw them here in an instant.

Trustdice actually gives you an active faucet of sorts, but in the form of a referral bonus. If you invite someone to this website and they keep betting, you’ll receive portions of the value of their bets as a bonus in addition to commissions off their faucets (taken when they withdraw money from faucets to Trustdice).

It’s not as fast and comfortable as having an in-built faucet on the same website, but this way you have several options to choose from. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s up to you to decide.


Windice is another big crypto casino. Compared to Trustdice, they have a functional faucet.

Unlike many classic faucets, they don’t give you a few coins once in a while, but provide a heftier bonus for an activity. In this instance, the activity is a game of minesweeper inside Windice. It’s free, and the rewards get progressively bigger the longer you survive in the game.

It’s an example of an active bonus, rather than a passive streak, like in Betfury, where you receive a parcel of Satoshi every 20 minutes just for staying on the website.

What’s Better?

It’s really only contest of preference. If you prefer being doing tasks to earn money, then you have such an option. If you prefer not to think about getting these small bonuses, then passive faucets are also a thing. There really isn’t much of a different in terms of revenue – it varies from provider to provider, generally speaking.

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