Color Coated Steel Coil: Definition, Benefits, and Applications


Color coated steel coils (prepainted or galvanized steel) refer to steel sheets covered in protective paint. Steel manufacturers apply multiple layers of coating to the base steel material. A galvanized steel sheet coil consists of the following layers:

  • A base steel sheet.
  • Zinc oxide coating to prevent corrosion.
  • Chromate coating to enhance corrosion resistance.
  • Primer coating to increase paint adhesion.
  • Finishing paint layer to give a steel sheet its final look.

Benefits of Galvanized Steel Coils

Steel has been a number one material for commercial and domestic construction projects. However, plain steel rusts and serves for a much shorter time under extreme weather conditions. It is where galvanized steel comes in, as it offers measurable benefits compared to uncoated steel. Check them out below.

Corrosion Resistance

Steel manufacturers use insulating paints for color-coated steel. Multiple layers of coating isolate steel from the environment and, therefore, protect it from corrosion caused by oxygen and water. But most importantly, the color coating protects metals from acids, soil, and other highly corrosive substances too.
Therefore, color coating drastically prolongs the service life of steel. An average color-coated steel sheet can serve you for at least 100 years without maintenance.


Metal companies use highly durable steel grades for color-coated sheets. They’re famous for high toughness and tensile strength.
Also, prepainted steel usually undergoes cold rolling, becoming more durable. It doesn’t require heat treatment since plastic deformation does the trick thanks to work hardening. Due to this, prepainted steel is lightweight and allows bending without breaking, cracking, or flaking at the junctions.

Weather Resistance

Color coated steel withstands both high and low temperatures between 20° F and 1,400° F. It doesn’t lose in strength, durability, or corrosion resistance. Besides, it doesn’t change its properties even under severe temperature fluctuations.

Thermal Protection

The color coating acts as an insulating layer and prevents the steel from conducting heat. Given that, prepainted steel becomes an ideal construction material for exterior buildings and cladding.

Aesthetic Finish

Since prepainted steel undergoes cold rolling, it obtains a beautiful, shiny, and sleek finish. Depending on the applied paint, it will have either a matte or reflective finish. As a result, you can use it for roofing and other applications with minimal preparations.

Application of Color Coated Steel Coil

Galvanized steel coils solve many issues that go hand in hand with metalworking and metal structures, including corrosion and fatigue.
If you need durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant steel sheets for your projects, you can opt for high-quality color-coated steel here. How much does it cost?
On average, galvanized steel coil prices vary between $690 to $780 per metric ton. It has become a primary material for a myriad of industries, from transportation to electric appliances and gadgets.

Electric Appliances and Gadgets

Modern fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, and air conditioners are made with galvanized steel. The same goes for PCs and laptops. Overall, such steel finds an infinite range of applications within the appliances and gadgets industry.


Automotive and railroad companies use galvanized steel to produce cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles, and other vehicles.


Whether you have to build a movable house, a detached house, or even a barn, you can use galvanized steel.
It has also become a viable option for door and window frames. Additionally, color-coated steel provides eye-opening roofing advantages:

  • It doesn’t deteriorate under harsh weather conditions.
  • You can paint and shape it however you like.

The Bottom Line

Color coated steel provides an excellent combination of durability, corrosion resistance, formability, and aesthetics. These properties make it a primary construction material for buildings, cars, electric appliances, computers, and many more products. So if you need professional-looking and durable steel stock for your projects, color-coated steel will surpass all your expectations.

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