Create a Home Gym and Stay in Shape Forever


You probably know there is a global trend for fitness and well-being, especially here in Thailand, where there are many wellness resorts, yoga retreats and Muay Thai gyms. Most of us take out a subscription at a nearby gym, which we visit 2-3 times a week and while there is nothing wrong with that, having a home gym saves you time and, over the long term, money.

Crunch the numbers 

Calculate the annual cost of your gym subscription, which would be a significant amount, then add the traveling costs (fuel and fares) and see how much you are spending on your current fitness regime. The next thing to do is check out the amazing เครื่องออกกําลังกายโฮมยิม (home gym exercise machine), which is really all you need apart from a treadmill. A home exercise machine would have 3-4 stations and everything is super smooth and easy to adjust, empowering you to smash your fitness goals. A Google search will take you to the number one Thai fitness equipment manufacturer’s website and you can find out more about the equipment and get prices.

Start with an empty room

The spare bedroom is the most popular choice for a home gym, while some prefer using the garage; either way, start with an empty room and think about the walls. Cover one wall with mirror tiles, while the other walls can be adorned with posters of your favourite boxers and UFC stars; a rubber mat and a weights bench are necessary and if you place the home gym exercise machine in a central location, you can easily access all the stations. You can get amazing results when you build muscle with protein supplements.


Even though you have a state-of-the-art home gym exercise machine, we recommend investing in a pair of dumbbells that can be stored on a low rack, along with the weights. If you search online, you can find the best deals for fitness equipment and they deliver to your door! You don’t have to fully equip the gym at the outset, rather buy what you need and add every month until you have everything you need.

YouTube videos

You don’t need a personal trainer in the digital age we live in. YouTube hosts thousands of weight training routines and you get free advice from the experts. Follow a suitable routine if you install a flat-screen TV on the wall and pipe your favourite playlist through some Bluetooth speakers.


A home gym needs to have airflow; install a couple of extractor fans, one at each end of the room and that should do the trick. Open the windows if it gets too stuffy and generally make the space a pleasant area for you to workout.

Once you have installed your home gym, there is no excuse and you can enjoy the convenience of having a gym in your home. We all need to stay in shape and as we age, we should focus more on fitness.


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