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Nowadays, the competition in the e-commerce market is huge. For this reason, it is important for companies to carefully monitor their prices and behavior toward the rest of the market. Dealavo is the right tool for companies that want to significantly improve their efficiency and speed up price monitoring processes. All this is thanks to a platform that offers many functionalities, such as Dynamic Pricing.

How does Dealavo work?

To ensure the highest data quality, 75% of mappings on the Dealavo platform are performed by machine learning algorithms. However, data quality is overseen by the Quality Assurance team, which completes all verification results. Thanks to such a system, Dealavo provides its customers with the highest level of data accuracy.

For the most demanding customers, Dealavo offers up to 99% SLA. Once your account is ready, the team performs regular checks to ensure data accuracy. Each client is cared for by an individual caregiver who responds to current inquiries. It is also responsible for ensuring that Dealavo is optimally used for the client’s purposes.

The Dealavo team is very open to sharing their knowledge and, upon request, conducts training for new users of the platform. However, what distinguishes the entire team is the quick response time to customer inquiries and the ability to implement changes suggested by them as quickly as possible.


Dealavo operating principles, source:

What is Dynamic Pricing with Dealavo?

Dynamic Pricing is one of the most important functions offered by Dealavo. It allows for automatic price updates depending on previously configured pricing rules. Thanks to this, customers can quickly analyze their results and adjust their prices in a very short time.

Thanks to this, you can automatically adjust your prices to those of your competitors based on previously established rules.

dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing process, source:

At Dealavo you will find, among others, the following pricing rules:

  • Between two competitors– the rule allows you to automatically set prices between selected competitors.
  • Below/above selected values – an option that offers the option of setting a target margin with an amount or percentage markup (e.g. the set product price should include at least a 5% margin).
  • Below/above selected competitors – if we use this rule, the algorithm will generate prices lower or higher than selected competitors.
  • Decrease/increase by a specific amount/percentage– This setting allows you to reduce prices by a specific amount or percentage during a given time frame. This means that, for example, every 3 days the price of the product is reduced by PLN 1.
  • By cost– the “cost plus” principle.
  • Based on market position – when using this setting, product prices are based on the market position of the competition. In the settings, you can, for example, assume that prices should be higher than those offered by the cheapest competitors.
  • Low stock – Option useful for end-of-series and sales; causes automatic price reduction until low stock levels are achieved.
  • Profit optimization – use of artificial intelligence – a rule that deserves special attention. This is an artificial intelligence (AI) pricing optimization mandate. The algorithm learns from the source of collected data and optimally adjusts prices to market conditions.

What are the benefits of working with Dealavo?

Examples of Dealavo in action, provided by companies that already use it, are very informative. One of them shows an increase in profit by 50%, the other shows an average increase in ROAS in Google Ads to +89%. In addition, companies that monitor 1,000 products save as much as 1,250 hours of time thanks to Dealavo.

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Dealavo is a tool that offers everything needed for companies wanting to improve their efficiency through price control. The data quality provided by the Quality Assurance team and Machine Learning algorithms is at the highest level. Thanks to Dynamic Pricing, Dealavo customers can quickly update their prices, adapting them to previously selected pricing rules. Customers can immediately notice an increase in their profit and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Personal service and training help you make the most of your tools and provide answers to customer questions. Dealavo allows you to save your company’s time and gives you a chance to quickly develop e-commerce.

dealavo dashboard

The Dealavo panel. Source:

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