Discord Spoiler Tag : Everything You need to know about Spoiler Tag Feature


Discord has added a new and most awaited feature that is Discord Spoiler tag. Earlier it used to be a problem when you have thousands of people across the world on the same server and revealing some advanced game tactics or some spoilers which others don’t want to read. With Spoiler Tags on discord, one can easily hide the spoilers on Discord app and reveal it only to the people who are actually interested in reading it.
As you know, Discord is a popular website among gamers for ease of communication with other players while playing games on private Discord servers. VoIP is the popular feature of Discord using which you can communicate over voice with other people.
Discord is loved for its functionality, Security, Privacy and cross-platform compatibility. You can download and use a single Discord account on multiple devices and across hundreds of games which makes it easy to be in touch with your gaming friends from any device.
Discord Already had options using which you can add text, images, emojis, and other formatting related things into your Discord Messages and Spoiler Tags on discord is a new functionality that has been added recently. They also added custom Discord status option on the app for users to add custom status on discord with expiry.
In this article, we are going to cover all important things you should know about Discord Spoiler tag and how to use Spoiler tags on discord effectively.

What is a Spoiler tag on Discord

Have you ever came across a Spoiler on Discord while having a conversation or just reading messages on the platform. which ruins your interest in some topic or game because now you know the suspense in the story or you know the secret about that topic which used to encourage you.
Discord has found a solution for you by launching the “Spoiler tag” Feature. The Spoiler tag functionality was already available on a lot of forums where people used to hide spoilers behind color and it can only be shown to certain people who are interested in it and who click “Reveal Spoiler Tag”.
A normal spoiler message on Discord looks like this:

Discord Spoiler Tag
This is how a typical spoiler message on Discord looks like where the black box indicates hidden Spoiler text. Using this feature you can hide both texts and images and only reveal them to certain people.

How to add Spoiler tag on Discord

It is really easy to add a spoiler tag on discord and there are two methods for adding the spoiler tag.

  1. Using a Tag to add Spoiler on Discord.
  2. Using Hide option on Discord App.

Method 1: Using a Tag to add Spoiler on Discord:

  • Go to your Discord App and login with the credentials.
  • Head over to the servers and select your server.
  • Now in the message section type in your message. in this case, we are using “Hello!! This is a Spoiler Message. This is a Spoiler.” Text.
  • Put ‘||’ before and after the spoiler text and hit enter.

Hello This is a spoiler message. ||I am a spoiler.||

Spoiler tag discord
Once done this is how your spoiler message will look:
Discord Spoiler Tag
You can use the above-mentioned method on your Discord Desktop app, Browser app and even on your Discord Android and iOs app.

Method 2: Using Hide option on Discord App to Hide Spoiler:

  • Visit Discord App and click on the open dashboard option.
  • Go to the Discord Chat server and type in your message.
  • Select the Part from the message which you want to hide. A new set of options will pop up above the text.
  • Click on the last eye-like icon and Spoiler tag will automatically be added to your discord message.Spoiler tag discord
  • Once done hit enter and your spoiler message will be hidden until someone clicks on the black box.

Discord Spoiler Tag

Other mark-up Text tags Available on Discord:

You can also use Bold, Italic, Emojis and other Text decoration tags on discord to decorate your message. Below we are listing few of them.
Bold –  **Message** – Used to add Bold text on Discord.
Italics – *Message* – Used to add Italics style text in your message.
Strikethrough – – ~~Message~~ – Used to add Strikethrough text.
Code – `<Code>` – Used to add code in your message.

Conclusion :

As you can see there are 2 ways to add spoiler tag on discord and the easiest one is just by putting “||” without quotes (“”) before and after the text which you want to hide. Similarly, you can use the given hide option just by typing your message in the message box and select the part which you want to hide and clicking on the Eyelike icon to hide the text.

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