Employee Care Ensures High Productivity


No entrepreneur would argue with the fact that the employees are the most valuable resource the business has and therefore, it makes sense to invest heavily in your workforce. If you take an in-depth look into successful corporations, you will find that they have many employee programs, designed to provide learning opportunities and the workers feel that the company takes very good care of them and are genuinely concerned about employee well-being.

Employee Health Checks

Why not enlist the help of a leading provider of workplace employee well-being to provide on-site health checks? If you want to reduce absenteeism, offer workplace flu vaccination from an approved provider, which should be taken 1-3 months prior to winter; studies show that employee absenteeism is reduced after getting the flu vaccination. The provider has an online portal that your employees can use for free health advice, plus they can offer mental health support, rapid anti-gen testing and manual handling training.

Health & Safety

Some sectors have high safety risk and joining forces with a third-party provider who specialises in health & safety is the best solution. Of course, you want to be fully compliant with labour laws and this is a constant worry for a business owner; the experts come in and carry out risk assessment, then they put together a plan that includes staff training and education concerning health & safety. Manual handling training reduces the risk of employee injury and office workers can learn techniques to promote physical well-being, with eye care being part of the program.


The pandemic affects every business and if you want to be sure that your employees have an opportunity to receive Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters. Preparing social distancing measures is another service from the workforce healthcare provider, making sure that your business fully complies with government guidelines and mandates. As you would expect, the Australian government takes Covid-19 very seriously and as new variants emerge, you need to be up-to-date with new guidelines, which is easy if you have a health & safety support partner.

Mental Health Issues

The stresses of modern society can take their toll on your employees and if a worker is not happy, it will impact their performance. Here is some information that suggests mental health and interior design are connected. Mental health carried a lot of stigma for too many years, however, we are pleased to see that mental health is now openly discussed; this condition can affect anyone at any time and if you have a connection with a specialist provider, they can carry out regular checks to determine if staff are under too much stress. If the experts deem it necessary, they might recommend counseling to particular employees; we must remember that mental health issues may have nothing to do with work; people have their own life outside of their careers and this can lead to stress and anxiety and that will impact the person’s performance.

Every business owner should be concerned about the well-being of their employees and with specialized 3rd party providers to assist, you can boost productivity and maintain a healthy and happy workforce.

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