14 Essential Readings for Finance Students


Finance might seem like a complicated field to succeed in. But multiple sources can help with this task and give an incredible insight into different spheres. Whether you are interested in accounting, mutual funds, financial management, or investment – there are tons of help available, such as books or through online sites such as Daily Prosper.

This list features the most highly recommended and recognized books for finance students and future professionals. One might choose them for additional learning, essay writing, or personal advice. If you want to become a great professional in finance, here are the most crucial books to read.

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Money: The Unauthorized Biography, Felix Martin

This one is first on the list because it deals with the concept of money itself. One can learn how it was created and how it has been changing over history. The book covers the role of money in society and how it influences everything. This one is actually useful for anyone, not only for future finance professionals.

The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham

This is a very practical reading on value investing. It is considered one of the best things on investment as of today. It describes the buy-and-hold strategy and advice on investing in undervalued stocks. The premise is simple, yet it is an exciting opportunity to learn more. It endorses an analytical approach to the stock market and intrinsic value.

Corporate Finance, Ivo Welch

If you want to get into understanding corporate finance right away, this one is the choice. It is well-written and gives a perfect description of various facets. Of course, this is a more general source, which is perfect for students who are just starting to learn.

Debt Free Degree, Anthony ONeal

Students might find this book especially helpful for personal matters. The premise is simple – how to manage student loans wisely. It is focused on parents who want to help their children to choose a major and get a degree without huge debt. It is entertaining and rather on the fun side, but still good to read.

Common Sense on Mutual Funds, John C. Bogle

It is a crucial source for understanding and working with mutual funds. In a way, it is regarded as the cornerstone text in the industry. Mutual funds help to diversify an investment portfolio and stay cost-effective. Here, one will learn all the basics as well as regulatory changes. And it helps to build an investment portfolio, too.

The Alchemy of Finance, George Soros

This book teaches all one needs to know about modern financial markets and the essential trends. Soros gives his expert advice on how he made money. One can learn the decision-making process behind it. The author also explains his theory of reflexivity. This theory describes how personal beliefs affect the decisions investors make.


Accounting in a Business Context, Aidan Berry and Robin Jarvis

Interested in managerial accounting? This is the perfect read to start from for students. It gives all the fundamentals of accounting in a business context in a very comprehensive form. Choose the latest edition as it has the most recent updates and changes.

The Four Pillars of Investing, William Bernstein

The author helps students to understand the four crucial factors in building a winning portfolio. It is a basis to start from and learn how to minimize expenses. The best part of this read is that it is very easy to understand. And it is very practical and relevant for today’s market as well.

The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable in Financial Risk Management, Francis X. Diebold, Neil Doherty, Richard Herring

Financial risk management is a complex subject. If one wants to understand it better, this book will definitely help. It has rather an epistemological approach yet it is incredibly important. It helps to figure out what elements can be assessed and what cannot. One will find out all about various kinds of risks for almost any situation.

Color Accounting, Peter Frampton, Mark Robilliard

Here you can find a new graphic system that makes accounting easy to understand. It is a perfect choice to start with financial analysis. The book is excellent for beginners and intermediate learners. This color accounting system is invested by the authors.  It makes learning accounting, finance, and business a breeze.

The Quants, Scott Patterson

If you want to know more about the 2008 Wall Street crash – this source is the way to go. This is an in-depth journalist investigation of what happened. It is analytical and deals with the mathematics behind the crash – the quants. The author compares it all to a poker game for better comprehension. The question is why supercomputers do not always work in this industry.

Management Control Systems: Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Incentives, Kenneth Merchant

This book is great for those who are ready to start their careers. So if you are graduating college soon, it is a valuable source. It is extremely practical and features real-life advice on the matter. It is all about different management approaches and how to make them effective.

Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors, Michael E. Porter

This is yet another practical source for intermediate and advanced learners. As the title suggests, it is about analyzing competitor companies and industries. It gives insight into interacting with the financial sector.

Dollars and Sense, Dan Ariely, Jeff Kreisler

Behavioral economics is another essential subject to learn. It is a well-written and extremely engaging book on the lack of logic behind spending. If one wants to know about the emotions and subconscious motives for buying, this one is a top choice. Why do people overspend? Why do people overvalue what they have? How does the environment affect the desire to spend money? The book answers all these questions.

In Summary

The list can go on as there are plenty of excellent books out there for students in finance. But these ones are the best ones to start with and learn more about the fundamentals. They are well-researched and practical.

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