The 4 Essentials To Customer Service For An E-commerce Store


Lots of people give out tips for a successful e-commerce store. There are a few basics that need to be done to make sure you get off on the right foot. There is one tip that often gets overlooked that is extremely important, however.

Customer service is important in any business, but when you are a faceless online store it’s especially important. There needs to be some trust built for people to feel comfortable shopping in your store so customer service is a good way to provide that. In this article, we will go over several ways to provide good customer service.

1 – Make shipping a priority

Although there are many areas in which shopping online can be more convenient than doing it in person. One area, however, makes it a lot less convenient and that is having to wait for a product to arrive. Having a good shipping experience is crucial so making it a priority is the first step in your customer service upgrade.

The first step is to offer free shipping to your customers. Even though you will be adding the cost of the shipping into the price, people like to know exactly how much they are going to pay without any surprises when they check out.

The next aspect to take care of is to get it out for delivery as soon as possible. Use a local courier like if that’s where you live so you can try to get the package to your customer in a day or two. People expect fast delivery now due to the shopping on Amazon so you have to provide it.

2 – Have an easy return system

Shopping online is tricky since you can’t pick up and hold a product. This makes it likely that people will need to return it if it doesn’t meet their expectations. They will feel better about ordering if they see clearly what the return policy is and how returns work.

If the product is what they are expecting then they likely won’t need to actually initiate a return but the point is that they are more willing to buy when they know they aren’t going to be stuck with something they don’t want due to a complicated return policy.

3 – Quick communication

When a customer has a question that doesn’t get answered right away they are likely to back click and leave your store. Since they want to order right away knowing it will take a while to arrive, time is of the essence.

Make sure that communication is as fast as possible. Many people have the same questions so setting up an AI-powered chatbot is a good first step. Then, make sure that emails get answered the same day if possible.

4 – Easy navigation

A difficult to figure out shopping experience is frustrating for customers. It should be easy to find what they are looking for with a search button and very clear buttons for adding items to their shopping cart, for example.

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