What Gadget Issues Can You Solve with Howly Experts?


In current times, it is almost impossible to imagine life without mobile phones. However, failures in the operation of smartphones are not uncommon – after all, these are relatively fragile and maximally exploited devices. What to do in case of a sudden smartphone breakdown? Or maybe your device has been working incorrectly for a long time, and you do not know what to do about it? Not all people have time to go to a service center and wait a few days until their smartphone is fixed.

Howly can help with gadget troubleshooting and solve your problem online without queues and distressing waiting. They answer in minutes and work 24/7, so you can get advice at any time of the day or night. Moreover, all Howly experts are certified specialists well-versed in smartphones, computers, laptops, and other devices. Each expert has extensive experience in a particular area and solves technical problems of varying complexity through live chat or remote connection to a device. There are some most common gadget issues that users mention when they contact Howly.

Widespread iPhone Breakdowns

There are a number of iPhone breakdowns that are all too familiar to the Howly experts. With such problems, Apple smartphone users turn to the service every day, and this trend is unlikely to change in the nearest future.

  1. The Home button is not working
  2. iPhone does not charge
  3. The screen randomly turns off when listening to an audio recording or when trying to make a call
  4. iPhone works, but the screen is black
  5. iPhone does not respond to taps
  6. No network signal (or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth)
  7. Errors 56, 4013, 4014, -1, and 9 when trying to flash the phone
  8. Spots on camera and photos
  9. Charge percentages are displayed incorrectly
  10. When booting the phone, the screen goes red or blue, and iPhone turns off

Widespread Android Breakdowns

Unfortunately, there is no flawless operating system yet. Even such a seemingly reliable Android can fail for one reason or another. Users often turn to Howly complaining about the following Android breakdowns.

  1. Too high or low screen sensitivity
  2. Fast battery drain
  3. Battery swelling
  4. The phone is wet and does not turn on
  5. The phone does not detect the SIM card
  6. A speaker is not working
  7. Stripes on the screen
  8. Data synchronization problems
  9. Too much RAM is used
  10. Frequent app crashing and force closing

These are just a few of the problems Howly can solve. If you are faced any other issue with your gadget, visit Howly.com to fix it and bring your favorite smartphone back to life!

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