8 Health Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors


Spending as much time as possible outdoors has lots of benefits when it comes to your general health and well-being. It is widely accepted that regular exposure to all that mother nature has to offer can boost your mood, improve your sleep pattern, and deliver all sorts of other benefits too.

When you are sitting outside and relaxing on your outdoor furniture while taking in the natural beauty of your surroundings you can contemplate some of the health benefits you will be enjoying by being outside.

Improve your breathing

You might think that being inside can sometimes offer better protection from the sort of air pollution that we are constantly warned about, especially in urban areas. However, it could be a shock to discover that the threat of air pollutants is actually much higher indoors.

It is widely estimated that indoor concentrations of typical air pollutants can be as much as five times higher than the levels you are exposed to when outdoors.

Spending more time outside and taking in a good level of fresh air is likely to lower your risk of suffering from respiratory issues.

Surrounding yourself with some natural greenery, even if that means relaxing on your patio after taking a walk, for instance, will deliver some breathing benefits that can improve your health profile.

Feel happier

The pace of modern life has created mental health pressures for many of us that can so easily lead to a bout of depression.

The natural remedy to boost your mood and improve your mental health is to get some regular exposure to natural sunlight.

Light therapy is a proven tactic in the battle against depression symptoms. Enjoy some natural sunlight on a regular basis and it will help you to combat fatigue and low mood problems.

Enjoy a better night’s sleep

Another no-brainer reason for spending more time outdoors is how it has the ability to deliver an improved sleep pattern.

Sunlight has a direct influence on your circadian rhythm. Your body’s internal clock is hardwired to follow the sun. Spend more time outdoors and see how it can improve your sleep pattern.

Put your mind in a good place

When you come home from a busy day of work it is all too easy to miss the chance to properly unwind by exposing yourself to flashing screens and other distractions that prevent you from truly relaxing.

Sit outside on your patio with a drink and suddenly your body will start to relax. Once your body starts to unwind your mind will follow.

Spending time outside is great for mental restoration.

Feel more energized

Anyone who has adopted an outdoor exercise regime rather than pounding the treadmill at their local gym will probably tell you how much more motivated and energized they feel.

Whether you are simply taking a brisk walk or doing some light exercises in your garden, working out in a green space is highly likely to make you feel more motivated and enjoy the challenge of staying fit.

Give your immune system a shot in the arm

The pandemic raised awareness of how our immune system responds to threats and made many of us think a bit more carefully about our exposure to viruses.

The bottom line is that you are far more likely to contract a virus in a confined space. Outside air circulation has the ability to dilute the level of viruses present in the air by a much higher number than when you are exposed indoors.

Spending time outdoors is a great way of improving your immune system functionality. The fact that the prospect of virus transmission is much lower outside is another great reason for getting outside as much as you can.

A great way of improving your emotional state

The pressures of modern life can take their toll on your emotional state. There are plenty of unwanted negative emotions that we would all like to banish from our minds.

Although it is to be expected that you will experience certain levels of fear, anxiety, and sadness, as part of life’s journey you can counteract these negative emotions with the simple act of spending more time outside.

Regular exposure to outside spaces and natural surroundings will help promote a more positive frame of mind. It is highly likely that spending time outside will improve your mood and negative thoughts will be replaced by feelings of optimism and happiness.

You will often feel more at peace with yourself and enjoy improved emotional well-being simply as a result of the simple act of spending more time outdoors.

Just picture the scene. You are sitting outside on your patio when the sun has gone down. Staring up at the stars is a free activity but so rewarding in terms of helping you enjoy a more relaxed state of mind and the sort of inner peace that comes with a bit of tranquility and time set aside for a bit of contemplation under the night stars.

Being outside is good for your eyes

It might surprise you to find out that spending time outside delivers a level of natural protection for your eyes, especially the threat of myopia.

It has been shown that children’s eyes can benefit from the benefits of natural light.

Natural light helps stimulate the retina and can prevent the eyeball from stretching out and warping your vision by producing dopamine as a result of this exposure.

This benefit appears to only affect children’s eyes while they are developing, so adults won’t be able to reverse the impact of myopia just by spending more time outside.

However, it is yet another reason for you and your family to spend some quality time outdoors on a regular basis.

There are lots of other potential benefits attached to spending as much time outdoors as possible besides the ones highlighted here.

Whatever way you look at it, regular exposure to fresh air and natural surroundings can provide a lot of physical and mental health benefits.

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