How to Navigate Trademark Law


Starting a business can be stressful in the beginning stages as you are figuring out the brand you’re wanting to create. Your business name and slogan are examples of pieces that you want to be creative, memorable, and also fit your business. When you are coming up with the ideas for your business you will need a trademark attorney Idaho to help you protect your ideas. This way the pieces that identify your brand are just for your business. Here are a few tricks to help you with trademark law as you navigate through getting a trademark.

Do a Trademark Search

Before settling on a particular business name or other pieces of your business get on the federal trademark database. This allows you to look at any ideas you may have had and see if they are already trademarked. It may also be a tool to get some ideas of things that you could trademark that have not been yet. Another place that you could search would be google for business names you are thinking about to see if there are already businesses with that name.

Register Your Trademark

Once you have decided on a name for your business you want to ensure that you get it trademarked to protect yourself and your business. This will ensure that others who are selling similar products and services are not allowed to use your business name. If others do infringe on your trademarks you can sue them but only if your trademark is registered. Once your trademark is registered it is your job to keep up on the registration for it for ocntinual protection.

Use Your Trademark

Ensure that you are using the correct symbols on the parts of your business that are trademarked. This shows others that it is registered and cannot be used by others. Even if your business name is not trademark registered yet but is in process. You can show that by using the “™” trademark symbol.

Correct Trademark Usage

If your business advertises to have another trademarked product within your store you need to ensure that you are using their trademark correctly. Not only be sure to mark their name with the correct trademark symbols but also have permission to use their trademarked name. For example, if you have an appliance store you want to be sure that when you advertise an LG refrigerator you have the right to do this. Be sure that you have the right to use their logo and correctly use their trademarks while advertising. This can also go for ensuring that those that use your trademarks. If others are using your trademarks make sure you outline how and when they can use your trademarks.

Take Care of Your Trademark

Regardless of your business size, location or services make sure that you are doing your part to protect your trademarks. Trademarks are what identifies your business and create a recognizable brand. All the work that you have put into your business should continue to benefit your business and your business only.

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