Why Singapore Is The Best Destination For Your Big International Event


When it’s time to pick an Asian city to host your company’s big international event, the first venue on everyone’s lips is bound to be Singapore! This vibrant city-state by the sea is one of Asia’s most attractive business destinations. Beyond its great economic triumphs, it is also a place full of arts, culture and natural beauty, and home to a charming, friendly populace who are easily able to communicate in English as well as Asian languages like Chinese, Malay, and more!

Singapore is one of the most important international financial and business hubs in the eastern hemisphere, famed for its excellent infrastructure, high levels of efficiency, and stunning venues, there are plenty of perfect Singapore conference hall to choose from! The city itself is a natural draw that will have all of your attendees thanking you for choosing Singapore!

Let’s take a look at some more of the many reasons why Singapore is the premiere choice for your big event!

Security and Safety

Well known as a very safe destination, Singapore boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world! However, it is important to warn international guests that the country has laws and regulations in place that are much stricter and prohibitive of certain activities than they may be used to. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to bring cannabis or any other narcotic substance into Singapore, even if it is legal in your home country, heavy fines and arrests would result! Also be aware that littering, vaping, and even chewing gum are strictly illegal! Despite these perhaps odd and even draconian prohibitions, visitors still find their Singapore experience to be one of the most pleasant and relaxing in the world, just follow the rules!

Efficient Transportation –

It’s an unfortunate truth that taxi and transportation scams and cheats are fairly commonplace in some other Southeast Asian destinations, but that is not the case in Singapore! All of the very convenient trains, buses, taxis, and hired cars are extremely well regulated, as well as being politely staffed and highly efficient! It’s easy for your event’s attendees to get around the island, just another reason why Singapore is such a great choice! Getting there is also easy, Changi Airport is internationally acclaimed as being one of the best flight hubs in Asia, with hundreds of airlines making stops daily and heading out to all corners of the globe! The only problem might be everyone who flies in will love it here so much they won’t want to fly out again!

Cosmopolitan and Multicultural

Singapore is made up of a glorious mix of cultures and ethnicities, with one of the world’s most diverse populations. This has created a social synergy that gives the city-state one of the strongest and most attractive cosmopolitan and international vibes the world has ever seen! The resulting multicultural wonderland features a huge variety of incredible cuisines, delightful customs, and eye-catching arts, there are festivals and activities taking place all year long so no one is ever bored in Singapore!

For more information on Singapore check out the official Singapore Tourism Board’s webpages. We hope this inspires you to consider Singapore for your big international event, we hope to see you here soon!

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