Great Tips For Business Travel


As summer comes to an end, it’s time for many professionals to gear up for regular business trips. While these trips can be stressful, they can be made even more so due to increased security measures at airports and airlines around the world due to geopolitical tensions. However, it’s important to do what you can to ensure that your business trips go as smoothly as possible. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your destination exhausted and stressed out, or return home feeling the same way. Here are some tips to help make your business trips less stressful:

Try to stick with the same airline whenever possible. This can make your travel experience smoother as you’ll likely depart from and arrive at the same terminal on each trip, which means you’ll be familiar with the layout and know where to go for things like parking, checking in, and getting to the departure lounge. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll accumulate frequent flyer miles more quickly.

Avoid packing prohibited items. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has a list of items that are not allowed on planes because they may pose a security threat. These items include razors, scissors, and particular aerosols. You will come across a complete list of prohibited items, as well as a handy tool to create your own travel checklist, on the CATSA website.

Create a designated set of toiletries for business travel. Avoid the disappointment of arriving at your destination only to realize you’ve forgotten something as basic as toothpaste by keeping a separate set of travel-sized toiletries. Make sure to restock this set after each trip so you’re always prepared.

Keep your electronic devices charged. Bring your chargers with you in your carry-on luggage, and make sure to charge your phone and laptop as soon as you have access to a power outlet if their battery levels start to get low.

Check-in online to save time at the airport. Checking in online is a quick and easy way to streamline your travel experience, as you’ll have less to do when you arrive at the airport before your flight.

Use a travel app to organize your trip details. Apps like Passbook allow you to keep all of your flight, hotel, and other travel information in one place on your iPhone for easy access.

Dress for ease of security screening. Security personnel may ask you to remove your belt, shoes, and any metal items, so it’s a good idea to avoid metal accessories, wear slip-on shoes, and keep your belt in your bag until you get to your destination to make the process go more smoothly.

Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. Accidents and spills can happen, especially during turbulent flights, so it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes in your carry-on bag in case of emergencies. Even if you’re only going on a short day trip, it’s better to be prepared.

Utilize the business lounge while at the airport. Whether you have a long layover or just a bit of downtime between flights, make the most of your time at the airport by using the business lounge to work or relax. Don’t forget to take advantage of the secure WiFi to protect your phone and laptop from hackers.

Be prepared for international travel. Ensure you have a valid passport, and if required, a visa for the country you’re visiting, make sure your accommodation is booked with Superbreaks offers. It’s also a good idea to bring some cash in the local currency for small purchases and tips, even if you plan to use your credit card for most expenses. In addition, plan your transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and any meetings in advance, whether you’re using a shuttle service or arranging for a private car.

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