5 Innovative Ways Enterprise Digital Signage Enhances Corporate Communication


Digital signage is a powerful tool to improve internal communication. It helps businesses easily convey workplace updates, critical information, and upcoming events.

Digital signage can also help enterprises boost morale and productivity by sharing key announcements visually pleasingly. Employees can absorb data displayed in charts and graphs much faster than a text-based message.

Streamlined Scheduling

Regarding internal communications, many companies need help to make critical announcements stick. Employees can easily miss critical messages due to inbox overload, whether a vital meeting reminder or a new virus-related message. Digital signage enables these messages to be posted on screens for everyone to see, which makes them hard to ignore.

Displaying company-wide announcements on screens ensures that all staff receive the same information at the same time, helping to break down any siloes in a business and boost teamwork. This approach also works well for remote workers, as they can get the same message simultaneously as office-based employees.

In addition, digital signage software can display various data sources, such as weather forecasts, live news feeds, social media, and KPI dashboards. With conditional logic options, they choose what content to show and when it is easy. This means that the visibility of specific messages can be dialed up or down depending on their importance and timeliness, increasing their likelihood of being read and acted upon by staff.

Boosts Collaboration

Digital signage is a hard platform to ignore in the workplace, so it can be an effective way to communicate with employees. It can also share critical information such as employee training and updates, important meetings, and health or safety alerts.

This can also help to eliminate silos among departments as they work together to achieve goals. Employees can also be encouraged to collaborate by sharing company announcements such as customer feedback or testimonials.

Enterprise digital signage solutions can share password-protected business intelligence data in real-time, allowing multiple teams to work on projects together without exposing their login credentials. It can also display meeting room schedules, eliminating bottlenecks in using shared resources. It can even display emergency notifications, such as fire alarms, with integrated web triggers automatically displaying supplemental audio instructions. This next-gen communication ecosystem is a game-changer in streamlining communication for global enterprises.

Promotes Transparency

Whether you’re recognizing employee achievements or celebrating company milestones, using digital signage to highlight these successes can boost morale and foster an environment of accountability.

You can also use your digital signage network to display KPI dashboards in real-time to ensure everyone is on the same page about business performance. This information can be categorized by division, location, or team and can even be synchronized with your internal data systems to improve remote participation.

In addition to promoting transparency, digital signage can also be used to reinforce company values and create an awareness of their importance in the business’s day-to-day operations. For example, you can post an employee’s story about how they applied the company’s written values in their role to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and the organization. This can motivate staff to embrace the company’s values and demonstrate that management actively listens.

Boosts Employee Morale

Employees who feel more connected to the company’s goals and values are more inclined to work harder. Digital signage can deliver company-wide announcements that communicate significant developments and policies clearly and concisely. Time-sensitive information is broadcast immediately, unlike email notifications that get lost in crowded inboxes.

Similarly, digital signage can highlight employee accomplishments and rewards. This can include recognition for employee of the month, birthdays, and outside achievements, such as charitable giving or community volunteerism. Employees who feel appreciated are 60% more likely to be motivated.

Employers can also use digital signage to ask for employee feedback through surveys or quizzes and then display results on the screen. This demonstrates that the company is committed to improving and is responsive to the needs of employees. Lastly, companies can share information about career opportunities or new products on digital screens in reception areas. This creates a sense of connectivity between the company and its staff and can improve brand perception.

Increases Sales

Digital signage is a powerful tool to convey company updates and critical information to employees. It enables businesses to promote positive initiatives, showcase employee milestones, and enhance productivity.

By leveraging a state-of-the-art CMS (content management system), companies can quickly deploy screens and easily update content in real-time. They can also provide an array of visuals to grab the audience’s attention. This can include videos, rich charts and graphs, and infographics.

It’s also possible to boost sales by displaying CRM data on your screens, enabling real-time tracking and decision-making. Moreover, you can streamline customer service operations by showing average call times and wait lists on the screen. These features can improve transparency and productivity, particularly in manufacturing and warehousing environments. Additionally, a live digital leaderboard can actively keep your employees up-to-date and engaged. This can increase performance levels by promoting competition and encouraging teamwork. Moreover, it can also reduce workplace stress by preventing people from feeling left out or isolated.

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