Is it safe to trade in my old phone?


Our phones contain a dizzying amount of personal information. From our social media accounts to our internet passwords and online banking. This can make you anxious if you want to trade in your old phone for cash towards your new one. But is this justified?

Working with a reputable seller

Use a trusted seller. A reputable will seller will make the process run smoothly for you. They should provide a transparent service where they offer fair market value, dedicated customer support, warranties and tracking numbers. Before you sell iPhone 11 though, there are a few steps that you’ll need to take yourself to ensure that it’s safe to trade-in.

Encrypting your data

Encrypting your data is vital. This refers to the process of securely hiding all the old data on your phone. Once this is complete, only those with your secure key or password will be able to access the data, effectively ensuring that your phone’s history is completely obscured from the new owner.

Sign out of everything

On a more obvious level, you need to ensure that you’re not logged in on any apps when you hand your phone over. This could easily provide someone with access to your personal information. However, if you either delete or log yourself out of every app or service you should have peace of mind.

Complete a factory reset

Manually attempting to delete every file from your phone will take too much time, and you can never be sure if you’ve covered everything. Instead, you should be looking to restore your phone to its factory settings. This effectively returns it to the state it arrived in when brand new. On most phones you have the option to do this in your privacy settings where you can find a reset button.

Check if your device is eligible

If you’ve completed the steps above, then your phone should be safe to trade-in. At this point you only need to worry about your phone being eligible. Most phones will have some trade-in value, but if your phone has no cracks or blemishes and still functions optimally then it’ll return some of your initial outlay.

Trading in your phone can seem daunting, but – with the right precautions – it should be safe. Just use a reputable seller and follow the above advice.

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