5 Key Things to Know About Solar Panels


Currently, across the globe, over 92.7 billion solar panels are being used.

Are you thinking about joining the group and making a solar investment in your home?

Before you move forward with hiring a solar service, be sure to consider the following facts.

  1. Solar Energy Is the Fastest to Deploy

Compared to other types of energy, solar is the fastest to deploy. It can be repaired and restored more quickly than other electricity sources, too.

If you don’t want to wait around for fossil fuel power plants or other renewable energy facilities to bring electricity back to your home after a storm or other disaster, solar is the way to go.

  1. Solar Panels Don’t Require Direct Sunlight

Most people assume that solar panels will only be useful to them if they live in a location that gets a lot of direct sunlight. That’s not the case, though.

Solar panels capture various parts of the light spectrum. Even if the sun isn’t shining directly beaming on the panels, energy is still being captured and used to produce power for your home.

  1. Solar Panels Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the greatest benefits of solar energy is that it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint in a big way.

If you’re looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, installing solar panels on your roof is a great step to take. In fact, a solar-powered home can reduce carbon emissions by 100 tons in a 30-year period.

  1. Solar Increases Your Home Value

Going solar will increase your home value and help you get more money when you decide to sell it. These days, eco-friendliness is a major selling point for buyers of all ages. If you’ve done the heavy lifting of installing solar panels on your roof, buyers will be willing to shell out more money to reap the benefits.

  1. Solar Power Saves Money

Speaking of benefits, remember that switching to solar can also help you save money in a few ways.

First of all, you can save when you buy by taking advantage of tax credits and incentives available to homeowners in your area.

You also get to save money on electricity since your home is being powered by a free resource — the sun’s rays. Some people even make extra money by selling back their unused power to the utility company.

If any of these cost-saving or money-making benefits sound appealing to you, it’s likely worth it for you to make the initial investment in solar panel installation. It may be high, but it will pay handsomely in the future.

Contact a Solar Service Today

Now that you know more about solar panels, solar energy, and their benefits, are you ready to reach out to a solar service and start upgrading your home?

If you want more information on installing solar panels or finding the right installation professional before you begin, check out some of the other solar-related articles on our site today. We’ve got lots of resources that will answer all your remaining questions.

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