Avoiding Scam Casinos While Playing Online


What are the signs of online casino scams?

Scam casinos pertain to actions ranging from rigging in the house to stealing personal information. This sounds scary, but if you clearly understand how online gambling works, you lower the chances of becoming an online gambling fraud victim. To protect yourself from scam online casinos while playing online casino games, all that is required for you is to understand what you need to look out for to differentiate between legit online casinos and scam casinos.

Here are several red flags to keep an eye on to ensure that you engage in trusted casinos and different warning signs that will play a vital role in ensuring that you do not lose your money through Scam casinos. Majority of these signs are tricky to detect, especially if you are new to online casino games. Some of the red flags to help you detect a scam casino include:

  •  You cannot find the RTP, or it is very low:  Scam casinos are not always related to fraud and payments. One of the most common scams found in online casinos is game rigging to help the house win always.  RTP refers to the overall amount of money in percentage form that will be returned to you from all bets. Typically, legit online casinos will always make their RTP visible to you. Hence you should always be suspicious about any casino, which does not display the return to players anywhere on their site. Also, you need to be careful and wary of any casino with an RTP below 80%. The average RTP for a trusted casino will always be anything between 94 and 98%.
  • A slow withdraw process: Assume that you succeeded in winning a game on an online casino, make withdrawals and you are waiting for the money to reflect on your account. Unfortunately, the wait goes for weeks or even months, even though you completed the entire account verification and confirmed the cash withdrawal. This is a sign of scam casinos and is a common tactic used by online scammers. If you experience this, know that you have fallen victim to online gambling fraud and avoid using that site again. One optimal way to avoid this scam is to read the site’s review to know about other individuals’ experiences. You should always ensure that the site you are using offers a range of withdrawal options with good ratings from different players who have used them before you.
  • Asking for personal data: Always search for secure gaming sites with “https” in the URL. Also, you should never share your personal information, such as the national ID number, bank details, or social security numbers. If you encounter an online casino that asks you to provide personal information at any given time, consider this a sign of scam online casinos. Personal data theft is one of the severe scams online. Therefore, to avoid scams online, do not share your personal information.
  • Absence of customer service: Legit online casinos have a customer service team that helps address players’ issues as they may arise from time to time. The customer service team can be reached through various means such as email, phone, Twitter, or live chat. On the other hand, shady online casinos do not want you to contact them asking about your money. Therefore, if you do not find options for getting in touch with online casino customer support, this could be a serious red flag of scam online casinos. Avoid these kinds of online casinos as you risk losing your hard-earned money. Additionally, if you find negative reviews from players complaining about the site’s customer support, it should only be wise for you not to spend any of your money there.

Tips to avoid scams at casinos online

To avoid casino fraud, you need to understand the basics of online casinos’ safety and how to choose legit online casinos. Here are some essential things you should consider before playing online casino games for real money.

  • Licensing:  one of the most vital tips for avoiding scams online is choosing an online casino with a gambling license. This should be easy to find as it is always indicated on the casino’s website. If the casino website does not talk about the licensing body, consider this as a warning sign
  •  Customer support: if you want to ensure that you choose a trusted casino, check out customer support options. It is always wise to test all the options provided. You should not fear to chat, make a phone call, or email customer support as a means of verifying the online casino.
  • Check online reviews: one of the incredible things about social media is that it gives people a platform to provide personal experiences with companies. Ensure that you thoroughly research about an online casino before settling on it.

Safe casino checklist before playing one

When playing online casinos games, you need to ensure that you are using a trusted casino to avoid losing your money.  In your checklist, consider whether the site is licensed, has a working customer service team, and has withdrawal options.  Also, to confirm if the site is legit, you should consider checking online reviews from people who have used the site previously. Another important way of confirming a safe casino is to make sure that it uses software from reputable casino games providers such as  NetEnt, Microgaming, and  Playtech, to name a few.

 Trusted payment options

Online casinos offer a wide range of banking options. However, you need to ensure that the payment methods provided by online casinos are suitable for all your needs. Trusted payment options can be described as the ones that will allow you to withdraw and deposit cash faster and with no hassle, and it should also be easy to access and has reasonable fees.  Online casinos’ trusted payment options include different e-Wallets such as PayPal, skrill, Muchbetter, or Neteller. Credit and debit cards are also trusted payment options.

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