Miraculous Modern Medical Machines


Thanks to the rise of modern technology the world of medicine has come a long way. The days of applying leeches and biting leather straps have mercifully faded away into the distant past. Now medical professionals are gifted with an amazing array of devices that help them accomplish feats of healing that would have once been considered miraculous. Due to the healing power of these “miracle machines” a great many more lives are saved, a true blessing for humanity.

Hospital staff will tell you that one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of their jobs is to be trained in the use of new technologies that will help them help others. On the day of a new medical equipment delivery, the mood is always celebratory, doctors and nurses gather around as the expert logistics team carefully unwraps the new tool in their array of lifesaving devices. When the moment comes to finally plug it in and start it up cheers resound through the facility, and the staff lines up to begin their training on the new machine’s proper usage.

So, we laymen have all seen the mysterious devices that periodically go “bing!” in a hospital, and have pondered as to what they are, and what they are used for. Let’s examine a few of the new technological wonders that make modern medicine so effective:

Computers – Surely this was no surprise to anyone! Computers have found their way into nearly every sector one can imagine, they are simply that good at what they do. In the case of medicine, they can collect and correlate data on a patient or procedure that would have once occupied reams of paper. This data helps doctors make accurate decisions about their patient’s care at near lightning speed thanks to the increased efficiency an integrated computer system brings to healthcare.

Resonance Imaging Device (MRI) – This incredible tool has become one of the most used and useful devices in the hospital. A combination of magnets and radio waves is able to peer inside your body without the need for drugs or potentially harmful rays. The MRI allows doctors to painlessly create detailed images of your interior they can then study to more accurately diagnose your ailment.

Ultrasonography (USG) Device – Going by the name “ultrasound” this is another excellent way to examine otherwise invisible changes in the patient’s body. It is particularly useful in the examination of internal organs, painlessly probing them with sound frequencies beyond the range of human hearing. This is another invaluable window into our inner workings for the doctor to peer into and make informed diagnoses.

Millions of UK citizens require hospital care yearly. Hopefully, you won’t be one of them, but if you are, we hope a bit of knowledge regarding the array of devices around you will take some of the mystery out of the experience. When the machine goes “bing!” you will perhaps know why, and relax in the knowledge it’s there to help you feel better!

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