How to optimize the production process with the automated production management software?


How to optimize the production process with the automated production management software?

For a long time, many industries would approach automation tools with cautiousness. However, with all the benefits it brings, there is no doubt that it’s the future. Particularly on the production line, such software can be a great way to increase efficiency. How does it optimize the production processes?

With the wide availability of Industry 4.0 technologies, the factories are able to take another step towards full automation. The digital transformation is an inevitable process which most of the big producers have already undergone.

Will it work for your company? Regardless of its size and sector, the benefits below apply. Check how you can optimize the production processes.

Automation of production processes – what are the benefits?

Regardless of the industry – pharmaceutical, automotive, FCMG – machine automation is the ultimate way to reach the production goals. The appropriate software can help to integrate machines of different generations and monitor management issues that affect productivity.

At the same time, automation software can help you improve the sustainability and safety of the production. With advanced functions of management systems, it’s much easier to identify energy overuse, defects, and other threats. Increased mobility and facilitated quality control are other benefits tied to automation. The centralized platform makes it easier to extract and monitor data, but also navigate the production fully remotely.

The automation tools do not displace the workforce, being just its support. They create an opportunity to delegate the employees to safer and less labor-intensive tasks, while creating a field for them to gain new experience and skills.

What areas can the production automation software cover?

Depending on the factory’s needs, the software can have different functionalities. The most common modules include:

  • performance monitoring
  • production data management system
  • manufacturing execution system
  • energy monitoring system

All these modules can improve overall productivity and equipment efficiency. They are also distinguished by good traceability, paperless production and reduced downtime. The software is very intuitive, with all instructions displayed on monitors to guide operators through the process step by step.

How to choose the production automation software?

When searching for a development partner that will implement their software for you, look through the modules the particular solution offers. Moreover, the partner can implement exactly the functionalities you need. To make sure that the investment will pay off, verify the ROI. Some software providers, like, for instance, ANT Solutions – Software for Modern Factory, calculate it for you based on delivered data before launching the cooperation.

It’s also worth verifying if the company that offers a particular software owns its source code. The open-source-based solutions may not be the best idea due to the lower flexibility of the software provider.

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