How to Protect Your Phone from Physical Damage


Your phone is important to you and that’s normal. Despite your best efforts, a clumsy move or a bad fall can lead to breakage. Fortunately, there are simple ways to make your phone more durable. Depending on your preferences and how often you use your phone, there are several options for protecting it: a shell, case, cover, tempered glass film, bumper, etc. Here are the best ones and why you should choose them:

  1. The cover

Simple but effective, the protective cover is the most basic of smartphone accessories. It covers the back of your device and is usually made of plastic or silicone, which allows it to absorb shocks if dropped. Some cases even protect the phone’s screen with their thick edges.

  1. The case

The case – also known as a “flip cover” – covers your smartphone completely, including the screen, thanks to its flap or its flap. This gives you maximum protection in case of a mishap. When your case is closed, you still have access to your phone’s volume and standby buttons, but you have to open the flap to access your screen.

  1. The bumper case

Made of thick plastic, it only covers the edge of your smartphone and prevents an unfortunate encounter between your phone and the ground. It is so thick that it protects both the screen and the back of your smartphone in the event of a fall. The padding also makes it more comfortable to hold.

  1. Tempered glass

Even if you’ve protected your phone with a case or bumper, your screen can still crack if it is dropped, especially if it is exposed to direct impact. Tempered glass film is a great way to provide extra protection.

  1. Film

A tough film on the front of your phone is designed to resist scratches and breakage from impact. Films like these often contain a strong coating which even protects the phone from being scratched with a knife. Films have the advantage of being very affordable and hardly noticeable.

Also, whatever protection you can have for your phone, there are some situations you can’t really control. You or someone else may still break your phone, someone could steal it or something else could happen. It is also very important to take out a mobile phone insurance for your smartphone.

New phones are never cheap. Even used models are usually still pretty expensive. Since you invest your money in buying one, why not also invest in some protective gear to keep your phone safe? Thankfully there are many options available and you can choose the ones that fit your personal style.

Aside from buying a case or screen protector, keep you phone away from extremely hot temperatures and keep it dry. If your smartphone is water-resistant, dry it off as soon as you can.


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