5 Reasons You Should Switch To Prepaid Data Plans


Prepaid data plans present many benefits that stretch from flexibility to the worry-less use of data. As more people opt for prepaid data plans, you may be stuck in between; oblivious of which direction you should put your foot forward. This article explains why switching to a prepaid data plan in Singapore is the best step you can take. Here are the five reasons why.

prepaid data plans singapore

  1. There are no credit checks required

The randomness in acquiring prepaid data plans makes it incredibly reliable. You mustn’t pass credit checks to earn your prepaid package here, and you can easily bypass this limiting qualification. Other forms of data plan acquisition often carry comprehensive data checks to see if you’re able to pay for your data package. For instance, in postpaid data plans, your provider needs to ascertain that you won’t rack up enormous bills that you can’t afford. If you can’t afford a data plan, the chances are high that your application won’t be approved.

  1. There are no bills or contracts

With prepaid plans, you’re at liberty to bite what you can chew, and this acquits you of the burden of subscribing to gruesome monthly plans. Prepaid plans don’t surprise you with huge bills at the end of each month; rather, you only acquire a plan you can afford to carry you through a specific time before expiry. Besides, you don’t have to make prior arrangements with your provider for a lasting contract. You only have to purchase a prepaid card, and you’re ready to buy your prepaid data plans.

  1. There are no termination fees

In prepaid data plans, you’re free to switch to different providers without worrying about termination fees. In the case of Early Termination, postpaid data plans in most internet-providing companies in Singapore require that you pay a specific price as compensation. This amount varies between $150 and $200 to nullify your contract. It can be expensive considering that this amount can get you another reasonable postpaid package – or even a better-prepaid data plan.

no bills contracts

  1. There are no hidden fees or data overages

You have less or nothing to worry about data overages with prepaid data plans since you use what you purchased. Besides, there are no concealed fees that could surprise you at the end month. Once you purchase your prepaid data plan, you’re free to use it as you want, without worrying about extra data use and incomprehensible extra data usage that incur additional expenses.

  1. Use the internet amount that suit you

Prepaid is ideal for people who know their data needs and only acquire what they think satisfies them. It offers the freedom to pay for what quenches your data thirst, more or less. With postpaid data plans, you often have to worry about how you use your data, which binds you within a constrained budget. If you overspend beyond that budget by any chance, you must be ready to pay for the extra cost.


Switching to prepaid data plans can be worth investing in. Prepaid data plans in Singapore are not pocket-straining. They offer you the flexibility to choose your weekly or monthly plans without initiating contracts or expecting bills when the month is due. If possible, consider switching to prepaid data plans and enjoy a ton of benefits.

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