Reliable ways to make deposits at Australian online casinos


Players around the world are moving from physical casinos to platforms that provide their gambling services online. Therefore, users are looking for a reliable digital payment system that will allow them to make safe transactions at Australian online casinos. Simplicity, efficiency, and security of payments are the main advantages of reliable online payment systems.

The question arises – how to choose the best method when there are countless of them in casinos today? There are several indications of a secure payment system. First, the financial data is protected and encrypted with special technologies. Second, users are not required to disclose private information due to transactions. Third, it is necessary to verify the user before accepting the deposit and so on. Best paying sites offer deposit methods with all the above features.

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In addition to security, the best deposit methods are characterized by other features. For players, it is significant that their transactions are reliable, but also fast and without, or with a minimum amount of fees. In the following text, we will present all the methods with the highest level of security. Although we primarily focused on safety payment options, we will note other deposit features as well.

Some of the most popular and reliable deposit systems at Australian casino sites are:

  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Prepaid cards and vouchers
  • Mobile payment systems
  • Credits/debit cards and bank transfers

Safe e-wallets/digital wallets

An e-wallet or digital wallet is basically an intermediary between a bank and an online casino. One of the main advantages that make Australians use e-wallets for deposits is that it does not require sharing bank details with the casino. Another advantage of digital wallets is that they are economical. Most of these payment systems come with no fees or really insignificant fees compared to other methods. Also, e-wallet deposits are instant. The player can immediately access the best Australian slots, roulette, poker, and other casino games. Reliable digital wallets that can be used to top up casino accounts are:

  • Skrill

Skrill was originally called Moneybookers. This digital wallet supports over 40 currencies, including AUSD. What makes this e-wallet popular in Australia are the many transaction protection systems. First of all, user data is encrypted with SSL technology. Also, deposits via Skrill include 2FA authentication. This authentication involves entering a 6-digit verification code by the player before deposit. Note that Skrill has its own Mastercard. But it is only available in EU countries and Australians cannot order it.

  • Neteller

Neteller is a top-notch e-wallet that provides Australians with fast and reliable depots. A bank account, debit and credit cards, bitcoin, and more can be used to top up a Neteller account. It is significant to note that since 2015, Neteller and Skrill have been under the auspices of the same company. This means that all the security features that Skrill has also applied to Neteller. So, Neteller users are able to send funds to a Skrill account. Also, Neteller offers its customers free Net+ Prepaid MasterCards.

  • EcoPayz

EkoPayz works in seven languages and supports more than 45 different currencies including AUSD. Players who use this digital wallet can request the EcoPayz – Ecocard Mastercard completely free of charge. This card remains linked to the user’s EcoPayz account. Ecopayz also allows users to have a virtual MasterCard (ecoVirtualcard) which is protected by a 16-digit code. We will not forget to mention that EcoPayz is not as popular in Australia as Skrill or Neteller.

  • PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment systems, with over 203 million open accounts worldwide. This reliable payment method is available in 202 countries. Among these accepted states is Australia too. PayPal e-wallet supports 25 different currencies and one of them is AUSD. PayPal’s security system is set to a high level. When depositing using PayPal, players do not have to enter bank or credit/debit card information.

Cryptocurrencies that are most commonly used by Australians

Security is crucial for Australians when choosing their preferred payment method. Because of its reliability, many residents of this country choose cryptocurrencies that represent protected digital money. Another thing that players value in cryptocurrency is that it can be used anonymously. The basis of all cryptocurrencies is Blockchain technology. It enables the protected and secure transportation of cryptocurrency funds among people around the world. Also, Blockchain eliminates the need for the services of intermediaries, for example, a bank, which charges a certain commission for this work and slows down the whole process of sending and receiving money.

australian cryptocurrencies

For deposits via cryptocurrency, the user must set up their crypto wallet. Crypto wallets are similar to e-wallets. So, those who have Skrill and Neteller will have no navigation problems. After creating a crypto wallet, the user must purchase funds on the open market. This is all. The crypto wallet is ready for deposits. As we have already said, cryptocurrencies provide anonymous payment. In the deposit process, Australian players do not enter bank details but should proceed as follows:

  • First, it is necessary to register on a platform that accepts cryptocurrencies
  • Then, in the deposit section, the desired crypto method should be selected
  • Payment can be made by scanning the QR code or copying the wallet address in the provided field
  • Finally, confirmation of the transaction is required

Some of the most valued cryptocurrencies by Australians are:

  • Bitcoin. Due to our research, we concluded that Bitcoin is the most commonly used cryptocurrency among Australians. We have not found official confirmation that this is true. But all Australian casino reviews that write about cryptocurrencies focus on Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was created in 2008. By 2022 Bitcoin has broken through into the gambling market as the most prestigious cryptocurrency. Bitcoin provides reliable, anonymous, and fast transactions. There are several variants of Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Diamond. Any of the accepted bank cards can be used to purchase this cryptocurrency.
  • Litecoin. The success of the digital crypto Bitcoin has inspired a large number of Australians to use other cryptocurrencies too.  Almost immediately after its release, Litecoin managed to break into the gambling market. It quickly began to be used for deposits at many gambling sites. Due to its many advantages, the cryptocurrency Litecoin was named Digital Silver. Transactions with Litecoin take place with minimal exchange rate fluctuations, a high speed, and include small commissions.
  • Tether. Tether is an ultra-safe USDT wallet. According to research from 2021, Tether was the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It is a specially designed method that aims to build the necessary bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. It provides its customers with stable payments, transparency, and minimal transaction costs. Players can buy this cryptocurrency online with a credit/debit card.
  • Ethereum. Another commonly used cryptocurrency by Australians is Ethereum. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum provides reliable, fast, and anonymous money transfers to a gambling site.

Reliable credit/debit cards and bank transfers

Australians also use credit/debit cards and bank transfers to deposit on gambling sites. Although these payment systems are not safe for deposits like other methods, they are still used by a large number of players. To pay by credit/debit card, it is necessary to enter the expiration date, card number, and CVV2 number. For bank transfers, of course, bank details are disclosed. However, the best casinos in Australia use many technologies to protect the financial data of their players. Among such technologies, SSL encryption is the most well-known.

The most popular credit/debit cards as well as bank transfers for casino deposits are:

  • MasterCard. Mastercard cards include security mechanisms such as zero liability protection. This mechanism ensures that the card holder cannot be prosecuted for illegal transactions undertaken by other people. On MasterCard, all user data is encrypted. Also, Master card offers rewarding programs to Australian players.
  • Visa. This payment system was founded by the American financial service in 1958. Visa was created to encourage electronic funds transfer. The advent of prepaid vouchers and e-wallets has somewhat suppressed the use of Visa. But because of the many benefits, including the Visa rewards program, it is still widely used in Australia.
  • American Express. This payment system is also known as Amex. The company provides its services globally so that players in Australia can benefit from their services. Thanks to the Amex application, which is available for all mobile devices, users constantly have an insight into the transfers of funds.
  • Electronic transfers. Bank transfers include the transportation of funds directly from the user’s bank account. Checks must be performed by the bank for such transactions. Due to this, payments through bank transfers are slower compared to other methods.

The most famous Australian prepaid cards and vouchers

Prepaid cards have similarities with credit and debit cards. The main difference between these two types of cards is that prepaid cards have a fixed value over which the player cannot spend. By using a prepaid card, the users can control gambling on their accounts. With a prepaid voucher, there can be no situation where the money that was originally supposed to be spent is exceeded. Prepaid cards are also popular because they allow Australians to place anonymous bets on online casino sites. For deposits using prepaid cards, the users do not have to enter their private financial information on the platform.


Neosurf is a well-known deposit method in Australia but also in many other countries. The official website Neosurf states that these prepaid cards are available in over 100,000 points of sale in more than 50 countries around the world. Neosurf prepaid vouchers Australians can buy at sale points or online from the official site of this method. No matter how the user buys this voucher, it will contain a 10-digit code. When depositing, the player enters a 10-digit code. So, all bank details remain undisclosed.

Neosurf prepaid vouchers are secure and allow anonymous payments. There are two forms of these vouchers and they are Minor and Classic. Minor Neosurf is intended for persons under the age of 18 and is not always available in casinos. It comes in $10, $15, and $20 denominations. Gambling is banned for minors in Australia. So, due to the rights protection of these persons, certain casinos do not accept these vouchers, because they may come from minors. Classic Neosurf, on the other hand, comes in denominations of $30, $50, and $100. For deposits in casinos, players use the classic version of this voucher.


PaySafeCard is a voucher that appeared in 2000 and originally worked in Australia, New Zealand, and Austria. Vouchers are available for purchase online or at physical stores across these countries. Just like Neosurf, PaySafeCard comes with a specific code that should be used to pay. For deposits, the player must enter his 16-digit PaySafeCard code and confirm the transaction. So, there is no need to enter confidential bank account information.

PaySafeCard vouchers can be purchased in a variety of denominations. They are currently available at the value of 10, 20, 50, and 100 Australian dollars. This low limit has the advantage. Like Neosurf, PaySafeCard controls the spending on gambling activities. Controlling gambling is of essential importance to Australians. According to research conducted in 2017-18, $242 billion in Australia was spent on gambling. It is necessary to have methods that will lead to the limitation of deposits and thus directly reduce spending.


UPayCard accepts 20 different currencies. Among these currencies is AUD, which means it can be used to deposit in Australia. To receive a UPay prepaid card, the user must create a UPayCard account. The UPayCard prepaid cards will be delivered to the mailbox in case a physical card is ordered.

In addition to the physical, a virtual UPayCard can also be used for deposits. All the player needs to deposit via this method is to enter the CVC2 number, UPayCard number, and expiration date in the provided fields. Players have access to UPayCard mobile application that is available for free installation. The mobile application allows Australians to check the funds spent in the casino wherever they are.

Payment systems via mobile devices

Australians love to play pokies using mobile devices. This has been proven by research that has shown that 600,000 Australians play the pokies at least once a week. To allow Australians to play pokies via smartphones, operators have on offer a wide section of mobile payment methods. Payments via mobile devices provide secure transactions thanks to a technology called NFC. The advantage of mobile app gambling and payment is that the user is not limited to a specific location. Also, for mobile deposits, the users need to download the application to their smartphone device. In the application, all funds are securely stored and the player can always check previous transactions.

  • Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment application launched by the Apple company in 2015. One of the main features of Apple Pay is its security. For each transaction, Apple Pay requires touch-ID identification. This identification prevents unauthorized persons from paying funds illegally. Also, the Apple Pay app includes regular updates. Therefore, users of this mobile payment system will always be equipped with the latest security technology. Another advantage of Apple Pay is that it does not include the cost of deposit transactions. Only iOS users have access to this application. Australians who use Android operating systems can use Google Pay, which is an equally popular mobile method.

  • Google Pay

Just as Apple Pay cannot be used on Android devices, so Google play cannot be installed on iOS. Google Pay can only be used by Australians who have the Android operating system. This mobile payment system was created by merging Google Wallet and Android Pay services. The security system of the Google Pay application is at the highest level. Players can set up Google Pay to require a fingerprint scanner for each transaction. This ensures the verification of the person who is approved to execute the transaction. Google Pay users who do not have a finger scanner available on their device can turn on the feature to verify transactions by entering a password.

  • Revolut app

Australian users of Android and iOS mobile devices have the opportunity to use this alternative mobile payment system. Revolut application is compatible with both operating systems and promises secure transactions. The key function of the Revolut application is that the account can be opened in 29 currencies. So, in addition to Australian dollars, players have the option to create an account with currencies such as USD, EUR, CAD, RUB, and others. Another significant feature of Revolut is that deposits up to $1,000 are free. For deposits above $1000, a small fee of 0.5% applies. Australians can also order a Revolut debit card and use it for casino payments.

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